KTM and FMF Racing declare May as "Protect Your Right to Ride" month


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The title says it all, DO something or loose your right to ride. Common folks.. you'll spend $100 on a billet mirror but won't take the time or $$ to join an organiztion that fights for your rights to ride. Time to wake up, new goverment in charge that the enviro-nazis are in bed with and they are ready to pass all sorts of legislation to take away your rights!

KTM North America and FMF Racing have partnered together along with support from the AMA, BlueRibbon Coalition, National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council and the Off-Road Business Association to declare the month of May as "Protect Your Right to Ride" month.

“In these tough economic times we feel it is essential to take time to inform motorcycle enthusiasts on how they can become involved in the motorcycle organizations that are protecting their right to ride. The last thing we can afford to lose is our riding areas,†commented KTM President Jon-Erik Burleson.

There is power in numbers and now is the time for motorcyclists to join forces to ensure that everyone has a place to enjoy the sport of motorcycling. There are many open riding areas across the country that are facing land use and noise emission regulations which could threaten or potentially close the area from motorcycle related recreation activities.

During the month of May, visit a KTM dealer to find out information about what you can do to protect your right to ride. Each KTM dealer will supply materials provided by the motorcyclist activist clubs and organizations that have been fighting for your rights all along.

When you visit your KTM dealer and show your AMA, BRC and/or ORBA membership card or choose to sign up for a membership at the dealership you will receive an entry toward a chance to win a brand new KTM 250 XC-FW with an FMF Q4 Titanium exhaust system. Participants will receive one entry for each of the organizations to which they belong.

KTM North America is an avid supporter of the AMA, BRC, NOHVCC and ORBA and has taken an active role along with FMF Racing to help these organizations reach a larger part of the motorcycle community through the implementation of "Protect Your Right to Ride" month. Please take time to stop by your KTM dealer in May and learn what you can do to become an active member of the motorcycle community and protect your right to ride.

For more information visit SOUND OFF | Home, a new website designed to provide the latest information about protecting motorized off-road recreation.

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