Help-Rhino stuck in 4wd


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My rhino is stuck in 4wd. I bought the rhino recently and the whole front diff and front driveshaft was removed. If i hit the 2wd/4wd switch it does nothing. I guess its not a huge deal, i just dont really want it spinning when it doesnt need to. Does anyone have any diagrams or know how this works?

If it means anything, the 4wd light on the dash never goes off either, so its not mechanically stuck
This happened to me and after two days of trying everything I noticed one of the plugs on the front diff had broken off and wasnt contacting anymore. Had to bust out plastic weld and med it back together. The rack I was running was tight and under chassis flex it broke the junction.
There still is no front rack and driveshaft. There is still the knuckle that the driveshaft would connect to. I didnt know that spins at all times and the 4wd button only engages the diff. Thats what someone on another forum said. If thats the case its no big deal. I thought the front driveline would not move when in 2wd. I just have the 4wd light on in the dash. Must be because the front rack had some sort of feedback to tell the computer it was not in 4wd anymore. Ill just leave it as it is since its not affecting anything.

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