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I have a 07 rhino the frame is all tube nothing left of stock frame..it sits 16" wider +8 and +2 forward ....18" rear and 21" front travel..now for the problem...it is powered by a 450 hp Subaru and the thing will not stay on the ground it will flip over with throttle we are now thinking of filling frame with led if you have any ideas let me know I dont want to give up on this ...the next time the body is on I will get some pic.s but car will be at next year sand show ....
Lose about 250HP from that motor.

The wheelbase of that car won't be able to utilize all that power in rough sections let alone the wheelstand problem you are already having...

Or build a set of "wheely bars" if you are dead set on keeping the 450HP.

How is the car geared? Is it possible to change the gearing to get less torque?
well 450hp was at the start we had to move the turbo and air intake and make up a header so maybe we are working with 400hp..I'm not worried about using all the power I will cheek the gearing but still only running 14"rims with bfg's..so at first we all thought wheel spin and not have any T.Q. problems but that is not the case blip the throttle and over it gose..we have already filled the front tire's with calcium making 100lbr more ..
at 400hp what motor are you working with? Impreza is about 300 if I remember and the sti is more but thats because of larger turbo right? If your running a turbo why dont you just run a smaller turbo or drop it all together?

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