Front wheelbearing?


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Sorry for all the questions. I replace my front wheelbearings about 500 miles ago. I was checking them yesterday and they were shot. How long should they last? I thought they should last alot longer than that. O it is on a 660 Rhino. I don't ride in sand but alot of water and mudd.

Ive got about 1500 miles on my fronts and almost 3000 on the rear. Only reason I replaced the front was because I get new spindles with everything on them.

I would think its the water thats doing you harm or maybe you pressure wash it when its muddy? Be carefull around the bearings you can force water in there. Maybe you need to dissasemble it once in a while if you do alot of water and re grease.
Also make sure that you run a waterproof bearing grease an not a CV grease. Im not sure what its called but its blue an super tacky! that well help out alot! Its what I ran in our 10 car. :D
First off what bearing to you recomend. I think it had pivitworks in it. I am not 100% about that can't remmber. I took the dust shild off the bearings and they were dry. The only thing in them was dirt and what looked like dried up looking grease.
still not sure what it is called, but it is a marine grade grease. So you can get at any marine shop! its the best stuff going!

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