Front Sand tire ?'s

I have only been to the dunes a couple times. I tried all bighorns and was very happy. Switched to 7 paddles and smoothies and hated it. Finally paddles and 4 speeds and love it. It turms soooo much better this way.
i have used smoothies on my 660 rhino and my RZR(with stock motor) and felt they worked very well and had alot of bite when going uphill in 4wd.

i tried the Doonz fronts in my RZR(still stock motor) last summer and thought they had too much bite for my liking. i could not throw my car around which i like to witout fear of rolling it.

now with my R1 motor in my RZR i have a hard time steering this pig with the smoothies due to my big rear paddles and the weight transfered forward more than the stock motor.

i would like to try the ITP dual ribs to compare them to the Doonz.

one thing i noticed with the Doonz is when going over other tracks in the sand they want to follow the grooves so you have to pay attention more and keep a firm grip on hte wheel.
I have the Doonz , I love the grip i get in my stock Razor S , the Doonz are a duel rib front. ive had smoothies up front and they push threw thew the cornors to easy for me. I like me some traction.

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