Former Congressman Died in an All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

The Lyin King

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Oh, this will bode well for our cause!

"Former Congressman Bill Orton, a political maverick who served three terms as a Democrat in one of Utah's most conservative districts, has died.

The 60-year-old died in an all-terrain vehicle accident Saturday afternoon at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes, the Juab County sheriff said."

"He was riding out on the sand and went off a very steep sand dune, and when he impacted the bottom, the front end of the four-wheeler flipped on top of him, injuring him," Sheriff Alden Orme told the Deseret News late Saturday. "He was alone at the time of the accident. Another ATV rider passed by a short time later and found him."

Read more here . . . Deseret News | Bill Orton dies in accident
definitely sad, but he was doing what he loved. Ironic he was a democrat but kinda gives ya that little glimmer of hope..RIP

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