Feature Vehicle: UTVUnderground 2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo - Phase 1



Feature Vehicle: UTVUnderground 2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo – Phase 1
Well, we aren’t quite done with this build but because of the massive amount positive responses to just our social posts on this machine, we thought it would be cool to bring you a phase 1 feature vehicle story to show off what we have done so far. Once we return from King Of The Hammers we will jump back into finishing this build and will bring you a final Feature Vehicle story once the machine is complete. But we didn’t want to hold out too long as we love how this thing is coming out so far.
The machine started as a brand new 2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo with 168hp. When Polaris gave us the heads up it was coming a couple of weeks ago our wheels began turning that with some help with parts we could build a bad ass new rig to take to this years King Of The Hammers event. So we grabbed the machine at North County Yamaha in San Marcos, CA and began making calls to our friends with hopes that they could deliver us the parts we needed to accomplish this build in less than 10 days time!

With the purpose of taking to King Of The Hammers we knew wanted to build a machine that was fit for the rocks and the desert. But in typical UTVUnderground fashion it also had to look good! Our first call was to Chad Ragland at CageWRX to request a CageWRX “Race Cage” w/ rear wing and rear spare tire carrier. CageWRX also tossed in a front race bumper and a bolt on scissor jack. CageWrx jumped on the cage and knocked everything out for us in three days time!
Tim Berendes at SDR Motorsports has been a part of many of the UTVUnderground builds over the years. We wanted to integrate him into the build and Tim was stoked to dial us in with his industry best RZR doors which bolt on with ease and utilize the factory Polaris door latches which we love!
The next thing we got on was suspension. We had to have long travel on this car to accomplish my vision of a desert killer. We made one call to Brittany Cardone at HCR Racing and before we knew it we had their dual sport +4 long travel suspension in route. This kit has 21” of wheel travel and at full bump still has 4” of ground clearance. Not only does it look insane it also is strong as all hell and will take all the abuse we throw at it.

We needed a few more things to complete our suspension including shocks, radius rods, sway bar links and axles. The next call I made was to Ricky and John at RCV Performance and they jumped to help out and supply us their brand new Pro Series 2 300m axles. These axles are super badass and come complete with CVs. They are set up with zerk fittings on the end of the stub axles to allow for easy greasing of the cv’s without removing the boots. Not only are they strong, they look awesome.
The next call was to Marcelo Danze and his team at Assault Industries. They made sure we were set up with their best billet aluminum parts to complete our suspension. We ran their full radius rods, sway bar links and even mounted up a set of their Bomber billet mirrors. Assaults quality is killer and everything looks awesome. These parts are set up for the +4 HCR kits and all mounted up with ease.
Lastly on suspension were the shocks. HCR has a close working relationship with KING Shocks and lucky for us, we have wanted to run a set of KING’s on a RZR for a long time. One call to Ramses Perez at KING and we were on our way to their amazing new facility to pick up a full set of 2.5” coil over Internal By Pass shocks tuned specifically for the HCR kit. We will need to do a little set up with the cross-over rings with KING to make sure they are set up perfectly but out of the box in our first run we were really impressed with how smooth they worked.

With cage & suspension out of the way we jumped on wheels and tires and we had a strong vision for what we wanted to run here. We made the run up to Method Race Wheels and Tensor Tire to pick up a set of 15×7 machined bead lock wheels and 32” Tensor DS race tires. This is the ultimate combo for what we want and they set this machine off once mounted up. The wheels are durable and look amazing. The tires are stout and full of function in the realm of traction and the ability to tune the groove for whatever your needs are.
You can’t have a custom build without some sick seats and its been a while since we have ran a custom set of BEARD seats. We scoped out some of their Torque seats for the RZR and hit up our friends Greg & Brad at BEARD and before we knew it they were designing and building a custom designed set of UTVUnderground seats that perfectly matched the design. What I love about these seats is they take no time to break in. They are perfect right out of the box and their stitch and sew is some of the best we have ever seen for off-road seats. We also installed a set of their 3” 5-point harnesses to keep us held in tight.
At hammers we do a lot of night riding so lights were key to complete our phase 1 build. We reached out to Alan and Dan at Baja Designs and they jumped in quick to supply us with two XL’s that we mounted to our CageWRX bumper and their RZR headlight replacement kit. All of these products installed with ease and came with plug and play wiring harnesses making it painless for us to install in our limited time frame. They also kicked in a new RTL rear light bar which we will flush mount below our CageWRX rear wing when we complete phase 2 of the build.

To finish off the interior we reached out to GRANT Products and they supplied their brand new suede racing wheel with their awesome disconnect. We have installed a bunch of their wheels and we do it with the use of our pneumatic air impact and UTV Inc steering wheel puller. But this time didn’t go so smooth. Pro tip: do not impact your steering nut on. While we have done this many times with success this time didn’t go well as we over torqued it and damaged our factory EPS unit. Luckily we had a spare but it took us an extra hour to replace. Now that we know how to do it we could bang it out in less than 30 minutes but do your self a favor and torque your steering nut on by hand!
The final call was to our good friend Brian Borland at American Powdercoat / Off-Road in Escondido, CA. He along with friends Carlos Quintero and Bill Hogan came to the rescue and not only put together an epic powdercoat color combination on our cage, suspension and trim pieces, they also worked for two days strait to help us get everything bolted on and ready for hammers. These guys are a solid option for both mechanics and powdercoat.

We can’t thank all of these partners enough for throwing down in such a short amount of time to help us put together one of the cleanest RZRs we have ever built. It not only looks totally sick, it works unreal as we have had a little time hear at hammers to drive the machine. We woke up early and got out to a hill close to camp here and knocked out a couple of photos to highlight phase 1 of the build. When we return from KOH we will tackle some more details on he ride like dash, coms, and a few other little things. We will keep you posted as we continue to build this awesome machine up.
Lastly, we want to give a shout out to Polaris RZR for supplying us with this sick vehicle. They always come through for us when we have a vision. We hope they are proud of this build.
Most of these products are available through the 4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Garage. Take advantage of our inventory and pricing and build a machine just like this for yourself!

2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo
Engine: Factory Polaris
Suspension: HCR Racing +4 Dual Sport Suspension
Axles: RCV Performance
Radius / Tie Rods / Sway Links: Assault Industries
Shocks: King Shocks 2.5” Coil Over Internal By Pass – HCR SPEC
Cage: CageWRX Race Cage
Tire Carrier: CageWRX
Bumper: CageWRX
Doors: SDR Motorsports
Seats: BEARD Seats Torque
Harnesses: BEARD Seats 3X3 Padded 5-Point
Wheels: Method Race Wheels 501 Beadlocks
Tires: Tensor Tire 32” DS Race Tires
Mirrors: Assault Industries
Lights: Baja Designs XL’s (Front Bumper) & RZR Headlight Replacement Kit
Steering Wheel: GRANT Products Suede Race Wheel w/ Billet Disconnect
Powdercoat: American Powdercoat
Assembly: UTVUnderground & American Off-Road
Fire Extinguisher: Safecraft
Rear Storage: Polaris OGIO

You can purchase these parts and more by visiting the 4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Garage

Huge Thank You to CageWRX for providing our coverage for this years King Of The Hammers race!

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