Corral Canyon ohv area THIS SATURDAY 9th 1hr from San Diego


One Leg Warren

I'm heading to Corral Canyon ohv area THIS SATURDAY 9th 1hr from San Diego. Its the Buckman Springs exit off the I-8. Leaving early Saturday morning and riding all day, come back in the afternoon.

Anyone interested give me a call

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another weekend would be good sometime..... go see norm up in the tower!!!
Would like to try that ride also, unfortunatly I have to work this weekend, but I could get a group from the imperial valley to go if you are doing it on other weekends, only 1 1/2 hours for us, plus the weather is a hell of alot cooler in the mountains:D
Just saw this but if our Rhino was together would have tried to make it out for sure! Corral Canyon is only an hour away for us and we go out there on our mini bikes for night rides and a cooler place to ride. We have never taken the Rhino up there but would be down to try it. We usually stick to the narrow MC trails but I know on the map they have that nice Green Sticker loop. Did you get any pictures?
Going out this friday and camping at bob cat and riding friday night and all day saturday. So far it s just my buddy and his wife and me and my wife... Maybe we will see more side xsides there... Really hard to miss my rhino great big green eye ball on the door panels
Doin Dirty - I think we saw you heading in with the bright green rhino in tow Friday afternoon when we were leaving. We took the mini bikes out to play around Friday and it was nice out there. If you got any pictures be sure to share.
I went out last wed night and played till late. the border patrol followed us in a couple spots. I was hiding in some bushes from my son who was behind me a ways and the BP came the other direction was kinda funny at 1:00 am in the morning. then we rode the next morning thursday and came home. It is a quick spot to ride from diego, however gotta watch for traffic coming other direction sometimes. thats why going at night you can see them coming at ya sooner.

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