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So just last night I jacked up and rotated the tires on my 2020 rzr pro xp. Went to back it out of the shop and my touch screen that displays the radio, back up camera, suspension settings and tach, fuel etc.. Blew a fuse. I put another in (instrument accessory) location on the fuse panel on the column. Let it run for 15 minutes in park. Radio playing, screen was lit up. The moment it goes from park to any gear the fuse blows again and screen goes black. And throws this code but I cannot find it ANYWHERE in my manual or online! Please help guys and gals..71C97100-578F-49D2-B548-DFF6D193AB9D.jpeg
Check the wiring to the rear camera. Sometimes the wires get a bit close to the muffler and will melt. When the car goes into gear it will activate that camera. you can also try disconnecting the camera. ( there should be a 4 pin small connector 6 inches or so from the camera) That is where I would look first! Let me know what you figure out!

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