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hello all
i am in the beginning stages of chopping and dropping my rhino. i bought the rhino with the intention of doing this. i have been reading as much as my mind will take and i have 100's of pics of previous projects that i have found on this and other forums. i have the rhino all chopped up and down to the frame rails and a arm mounts.

what are do and dont's when it comes to doing one of these. i plan to race in some sort of sport mod class but i also don't want to build a pure race car. something i can still dune, trail ride and just go out and have fun in.

i plan on doing the cage work in 1 1/2 chrome molly .095. and this is what i have so far.....
06 660 with cdi, k@n intake, bronco clutch, dual dfr exhaust. yes i plan on doing motor work.
jaz 12 gallon fuel cell
6+ dfr long travel with fox piggy backs
suspension seats are on the way
empyre wide body kit
crow 5 points
pci in car radio
lowrance 540
pwr radiator / oil cooler
27" x 14 wheels and tires....just for mock up i plan on getting 26" and good beadlocks.
i know im forgetting stuff but you guys get the point.

things i know i am gonna need, forgetting stuff im sure.
front spindles aftermarket hd
hd steering rack. witch one??
fuel fill.

as soon as my seats show up i will start mocking and tacking the cage. and yes i plan to show the progress of the build on this site.
so i am looking for all input good and bad. i have uploaded a few pics of some rhino's that i liked. purely on looks.
i look forward to everyone's input.


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very sick! Welcome to the site!

When you perform your seat drop make sure you take into account your dash and hood level because visibility is a premium if you want to dune your car and run it in different terrains requiring seeing over the hood.

Also consider your pedal position for comfort and steering wheel distance from your seat. These are things I never considered and we ended up doing them over to get them just right to where I wouldnt fatigue as quickly while driving.

Dont cheap out on wiring your car properly. This is something else I am learning the hard way as now I need to re wire my whole car as I didnt know what I was doing when it cam to wiring the car as I added things.

I wish you luck and we cant wait to follow your build process. Make sure to keep us posted!
yes i have already been giving that stuff some thought. i am also planning on building a custom dash to help with all of that.
as far as wiring goes i have been doing 12volt wiring for 15 years and have wired many on and off road vehicles from scratch. if you wanna bring your rhino over to phoenix i will wire it up for you :) oh and if i have the right joey you built on sick as rhino and i have been studying all your pics.
thank you for the input keep it coming.
thanks dude...I would probably take you up on your wiring skills...I am a maser at low voltage 12 and 24v lighting but its all A/C and for outdoor lighting..lol....when it comes to wiring a car I am lost........as for my car, I appreciate the props although Magnum Of Road is credited with most of the build. I did offer my suggestions co ordinate the build and all that went into it but the fab work and design was all Dan at Magnum! He gets down!!
magnum builds nice stuff plan and simple. but in this economy i cant afford them :) i am going to do all the work myself with some help from my best welder buddy. i cant wait to get started on it, i haven't have a good build in years. the last project i did was a ground up custom chopper that turned out sick if i do say so myself. i have been ordering stuff over the last few weeks and hope to start on it next weekend.
if you need any help with 12 vdc wiring stuff just let me know i would be more then happy to help you out.
good luck on your build :D definatly try to keep your dash and hood low for good visability if you are going to dune it , thats the worst part about mine is seeing over the front at the dunes but it really dunes good being low to the ground :D:D
I can hook you up with a hood if you want to move A piller . dash hieght is key!
That first pic is my rhino. :) Tim Berendes, now at SDR Motorsports built it.

Let me know if you need some more pictures. Its been through a few evolutions since then. One of the things we did was get rid of the stock dash and drop the hood a few inches. There are more pics on my website 50fiftyracing.com

Heres what it looks like now. I also have a few pics of it without panels if that helps.

here are a few pics of the start i have. i hope by the end of the weekend to have a lot more done. feedback good and bad welcomed.


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looks good....only thing I would like to recomend is you consider putting a little "boat side" into the floor of your car. I really like how the guys who use the cars for rock crawling are doing this. You dont need to do it real big but just a little bit will gve you a little added clearance. Magnum did this on my car and it works out real well.

its hard to tell but you can see a slight upwards pitch to the floor tubing...

thanks for the input joey, i will give that some thought. hey while i got you, can you let me know what your door bar height is and roof height is???
i am doing some more planning and mock up and i had a questions. i am dropping the dash like 4 inches. but i also noticed that it looks like to me i should also bring the dash rearward??? with the dropped seats and i plan to move them as far back as i can. what do you guys think???
I couldnt reach my stock dash after moving my seats back. When I dropped my hood, I ended up doing a custom fabricated dash, that extends back further.

Are you keeping the stock cowl and dash?

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