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Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,

BRC just received an email from Mike Swenson, Executive Director of the Utah Shared Access Alliance (USA-ALL), regarding the rally at the Utah State Capitol being held next week.

I have pasted his emails below; please take a couple of minutes to read over the information and pass it along.

Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 107

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Capitol Rally Next Week
Dear Ric,

Next Tuesday February 23 at 1:00 PM, a rally will be held in the Utah Capitol building rotunda (2nd floor under the dome). The purpose of the rally is to support key pieces of legislation being proposed by Representatives Mike Noel and Chris Herrod. We know that 1:00 PM on a Tuesday is not the most ideal time for such an event but we ask that you make every effort to be there. These legislators are taking real and aggressive action to improve your ability to access and enjoy public land in Utah. They also are making real efforts to protect the sovereign state of Utah and reduce the control the federal government has on all of us. Below you will find a quick synopsis of the bills that we are in favor of. So far this session there are no bills we are opposed to.

Bill Info

H.B. 146
Law Enforcement by Federal Land Management Agency  Noel, M.
H.B. 146 Bill Documents - 2010 General Session

This bold bill will limit the ability for federal law enforcement officers to cite you under state law on state and county roads. The intent is to prevent abusive federal law enforcement officers from harassing Utah citizens and abusing Utah law.

H.B. 179
Off-highway Vehicle and Street-legal All-terrain Vehicle Revisions  Noel, M.
H.B. 179 Bill Documents - 2010 General Session

This bill cleans up inconsistencies in OHV code and will also better improve access to rural towns for street legal ATVs by allowing access to main roads going in and out of small towns.

H.C.R. 14
Hole in the Rock R.S. 2477 Historic Road Concurrent Resolution  Noel, M.
H.C.R. 14 Bill Documents - 2010 General Session

No Number
Challenges to the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976  Herrod, C.
2010 -- Legislation(House Of Representatives)

Representative Chris Herrod had 2 bills that both challenged federal control and ownership of certain sections of public land in Utah. One bill that appears to now have been abandoned was as bold as we have ever seen. That bill challenged the validity of the Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA) OF 1976. We were very excited and curious about this bill but it looks like it has been shelved for now.

H.B. 143
Eminent Domain Authority  Herrod, C.
H.B. 143 Bill Documents - 2010 General Session

Rep Herrod does still have another bill that will attempt to challenge ownership of certain sections of federal land that currently is prohibiting access to certain sections of school trust land. These trust lands are essentially a savings account to be used, developed, or sold. The revenues generated off of these lands goes directly to funding the education system (k-12) of Utah. We all know this is badly needed. This bill may allow greater access to State land so that more revenue can be generated to benefit Utah school children. We believe the bill number above is the correct bill number. At this time the bill is not public and we have not been able to read the bill text.

You should take the actions by these lawmakers as a good sign that previous rallies and all our efforts have not been in vain. Some of these bills are BOLD. All of you who have attended previous rallies, written letters, and made your voice heard have helped give these legislators the support and courage to better represent us. Let’s not fail them now. Please do anything you can to be there and to encourage others to do the same. Last session we had around 600 people in attendance and we had about 3500 at our summer Take Back Utah rally. We know there is only a week to go before this rally. With such short notice we expect there will be less people in attendance. But these legislators recently asked to have a rally to help them show their colleagues in the legislature that these issues matter to thousands of Utahans. We felt we must take steps to help them and honor their request. These bills will not pass the legislature easily or without considerable effort. It is up to us to back up Reps Noel and Herrod and help them pass these meaningful bills. Bring your families, and signs of support. Spread the word and we hope to see you all there next Tuesday!


Michael Swenson
Utah Shared Access Alliance

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Dear Ric,

You are invited to our land use rally at the Utah capitol building! This will be an opportunity to see democracy in action and for you to help protect access to public land in Utah. There are a number of bold and aggressive bills legislators are proposing this session. They have asked for our help in passing them. This rally will give them the support they need to pass these bills.

There will be a few key speakers, and legislators on hand for questions. USA-ALL’s Mike Swenson will also be there and will be happy to help you contact your legislator or answer any land use or legislature related questions.

Please bring families, kids, signs, and your enthusiasm.

For more info visit our event page, find us on facebook, or contact us directly with questions.

Also help us plan for attendance by clicking on the link below to register or RSVP.

Register Now!

Please make every effort to be there and to spread the word to all you know.

Tuesday Feb 23, 2010 at 1 PM in the Utah capitol building rotunda (2nd floor under the dome).
Come early parking is limited. Some shuttles are available from downtown lots.

Available Parking and UTA shuttle info: Utah State Capitol

Thank you for your attention and response, we look forward to seeing you at this important rally.


Michael Swenson
Utah Shared Access Alliance
801 830 9112

Utah Shared Access Alliance | PO BOX 50592 | Provo | UT | 84605-0592

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