California - THIS IS FREAKIN’ WAR!!!

The Lyin King

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If you reside in California you know that we use to have 10 or 11 Special Vehicle Recreation Areas (SVRAs) throughout the State. These were paid for with our OHV gas tax and Green Sticker monies which the Governator recently raided to the tune of $90 Million dollars (90% of the fund) as his predecessors have done at least twice in the past, without repaying the money as promised.

As of now we are down to seven with the closure of Clear Creek (CCMA) nearly a year ago and the forthcoming closure of Carnegie SVRA on December 28. Oceano Dunes is also under attack and threat of closure. If the Oceano attack is successful this will leave us with six, a nearly 50% reduction of self funded pay to play riding areas. Never mind all the National Forest and BLM Land Access we recently lost and continue to loose!!!

When will this madness stop? Either when every trail and SVRA is closed or when we OHV users unite, come out of pocket, join National, Regional and Local groups thereby making a meaningful commitment to fight this crap!

For those of you in other States . . . just a warning . . . stand by . . . crap like this that starts in California rarely stays here!

Get on-board NOW or prepare to stay home!!!

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