All UTV's Building a UTV. Inline 4 cy engine best idea?


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I'm in rock racing but new to UTV's.

I'm going to build one but don't know what motor to use. I'm thinking of a 1L I-4, 1000 cc, 50lbs torque at 3600 RPM's but is only rated at 35 horse power. UTV will be somewhere in the gator/ranger size and weight will be somewhere between 1,300-1,500lbs empty. Maybe 2,500-3,000 loaded. Possible put a CVT on the motor.

What do ya'll think? Any other options that can stand the abuse of weight, little water, mud, etc?

Any help sure will be appreciated.

Thank you
I'd go with a street bike or four stroke jet ski engine they run 150 to 200 hp and are still small and light weight.
what about an Apex motor out of a Yamaha Snowmobile with a CVT trans? They seem to be working awesome for the RZR guys!
the 4 cyl works use a front wheel drive automactic or stick and the axle shafts go out as drive shafts to your front and rear diffs easy way to do install works good make sure its efi then add a turbo and fly

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