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New offroad park just opened in July OUTLAW | Off-road park They contacted me about helping them out with promoting racing there. So, we have set up a 3/4 mile short-course 50' wide for UTVs, ATVs, <NOBR>TRUCKS</NOBR>, AND BUGGIES. The track design is fast and the jumps are safe. It will NOT be MX style. More like the <NOBR>courses</NOBR> at PRIMM and VEGAS the trucks race on. for more details. 573-204-8296 Jason Hawk with Hawk Engineering Inc. Home Page if anyone would like to discuss this race.

Race is September 25th at 1pm. Sign ups are 10am-12pm with practice at 12pm. Tentatively, October 23rd will be the next race as of now. We want to run at least 1 race a month for next year too.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
Well, we only had 5 UTVs. But 3 had broken down the night before in the endurance race. We also had about 6 watching. So, we decided to do just the short-course race this time and make the stock class just $25 to enter. Hoping to get the locals interested and then hooked!
Here are two pictures of the HUGE table-top jump. Hit it hard as you want and you only go about 3' high, but 75'-80' out and land good. Well, at least mine and others with suspension do! The stockers land ok too. They can't hit it as hard due to lack of power.


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Here is the shortened video of the track for all to see. Come and go racing with us! [ame=]YouTube - Outlaw Off-Road Park Endurance and Short-Course Track[/ame]

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