A2RMY Releases Holiday 09 Viral Video Campaign


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A2RMY Launches Holiday 09Viral Video Series

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Htjs3LNhA"]YouTube - Addicted to Riding - IAMA2R LAUNCH VIDEO![/ame]

October 31, 2009 Los Angeles California, Addicted 2 Riding launched its internet viral video campaign today introducing the world to their clothing brand. The video series is intended to send a message to today’s youth as to the company’s identity and what it represents…is what 18 year-old A2R owner Mannie Jr. said.

The video series will start out by sending a message as to what the core values of the company are…“don’t settle, don’t conform, and instead follow your heart, follow your passionâ€ÂÂ. If anyone judges you because you want to pursue your dream, whether your dream be riding a skateboard, surfboard, snowboard a bmx or fmx bike a trophy truck or a pro4 pursue your dream and never settle for anything less!

There are references made to politics, corporate America, war and the original 13 colony American Flag in the holiday 09 launch video. In regard to the politicians, corporate America and war, the references made should speak for themselves given today’s current economic, political, and global climate. As for the reference made to the original 13 colony American Flag, the A2R family believes in the American dream that our founding father’s intended…†equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! A government for the people, by the people."
As we go through the holiday season, keep checking www.A2RMY.com as the series will continue! Look for updates, contest other videos outside of the series, like bloopers and explanations as to what the company is trying to accomplish. There will be a lot of other fun things to look for as well as we approach this coming Christmas!


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