5 brand new T-shirt designs available from 4130 Clothing!


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We just got a shipment in last week of all this new clothing and finally got around to putting it in stock in our online store. I will be the 1st to say that we are STOKED on how the new color ways came out and everyone else is too!


If you are a UTVUG member, you can use promo code "UTVUG" to receive 20% off your entire order. This will save you the money spent on shipping costs and tax so it's just like going to the mall to buy you're clothing but you don't even have to move from your chair!


The Class 1 shirt was our best seller when it was released back in 2007. For a while there EVERYONE had that shirt so we stopped printing them and let it become a vintage design. But we have had such a strong demand both from our private customers and from some of our larger accounts that we had to bring the design back for 2010 and we decided to introduce a black on red color option as well.


Whether you like the black shirt with white graphics or the red shirt with black graphics, this design is sure to please and now you can replace that faded '07 Class 1 shirt with this fresh OG Class 1 shirt printed just the other week!


On top of the OG Class 1 shirts, we also are revitalizing the Householder Trophy Truck Blueprint shirts by offering them in three brand new color variations. We've got something for everyone in this lineup. If you want a white shirt, we got that. Black shirt? Got that too! We even have a gray shirt for those of you in the middle who aren't sure if you want a black or white shirt haha so you might as well just go and order all 3 because they really are that cool. This is by far one of my favorite designs in our entire 4130 lineup right now.


The design was originally drawn by Brad at Copasetic Designs and we tweaked it a little bit to make the colors pop a little harder but all in all it was a solid design and turned out like nothing we have seen on the shelves of any stores before!


Both the front and back design work features Adam Householders Trophy Truck in a very stripped down stage of it's life. We called out certain features of the truck as you can see in the pictures and gave it that AutoCAD look and feel since so many people in the off road industry are diving into that line of work these days.


And just like all our other T-shirts, we printed this design on AAA 100% cotton pre-shrink T's so you know they'll fit right. No bullshit Gildans or Hane's beefy T's here at 4130 that's for sure! These shirts will last you for years and the soft hand plastisol print will last even longer. No cracking or peeling GUARANTEED!


We also ensured the wearer's comfort by removing the itchy fabric tags and printing in our own private 4130 label. This eliminates the annoying itch on the back of your neck and raises the quality of the garment at the same time. No more holes in the back of your shirt from pulling out those nasty tags!


All these brand new shirts can be purchased in the online 4130 store at: .4130 Clothing. — Home

Don't forget to use promo code "UTVUG" to receive an exclusive 20% discount on your entire order!

Thank you for all the continued support from UTVunderground.com and all it's loyal forum members. Without the support of the off road community we would not be in businesses and where we're at today!
Glad you're hyped on it Joey and I'm stoked you'll be repping the 4130 gear out at the races! Definitely lots of big things to come from 4130 and UTVUG working together.

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