2010 Heartland Challenge


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HiPer Racing is looking for any UTV racers who might be participating in the Heartland Challenge Endurance race the weekend of August 19th in Carlisle, Iowa. If anyone who reads this is planning on attending please private message or call HiPer at 785-749-6011 for more detailed info. Thank you to anyone who responds.

Team HiPer
I wish they did not require a passenger. I would go. Kinda tough to find someone to miss work & travel halfway across the country with you. GNCC is the same way & it almost bit me after driving for 13 hours. Sorry about the rant just want some of the organizers to get the idea & figure the more places I post the better.

Did you get the private message I sent you regarding the Heartland? Also, if this is something that you're actually interested in doing the sooner you could let me know the better. Also, if interested, what make of UTV do you have? Hope to hear from you soon.
You wouldn't happen to have any high quality offroad lights that we could use on my RZR? I have never raced at night & as such only have the stock lights. I can't really afford to purchase a set. It is a 13hr each way trip but I could probably make it but I don't think I could line-up lighting with the short notice.
I'm not really sure if we could do that or not. Do you know about how much a set runs? I could then look a little further into it. Thanks
Expensive! probably would not be worth it for you if you had to purchase them just for this. I believe you could easily be between $800 - $1200 although I have not shopped them. I was just hoping that you might have contacts with someone with some we could use & return.
Unfortunately we don't have that kind of connection. I'm unfamiliar with his track and unsure how effective stock lights would be, but if you believe it's a must to have something more high powered then I'm not sure there's much we could do. Let me know what you think though.
I just read that PIAA who make high grade lights is sponsoring this event and is offering I believe 40% off their lights after the rider has registered. Don't know if this would make any difference, but thought I'd let you know.
better lighting than stock is a necessity. 40% off retail for PIAA is more than I can swing right now. I went all over last night looking for the "Kragen" hid lights with no luck. Looks like a no-go for me. I appreciate the interest.

Hey Hiper im new to this forum but wanted you to know that i won the heartland challenge last friday night with my 08' polaris rzr.
i dont know what you are offering to racers but pm me if you want to communicate! i run your wheels on my quad and love them, but dont have the funds for the rzr!
it was a blast, i won the overall with a 5 min lead on second place.
Yes lighting was huge.i ran a Rigid Industries 30" light bar for this race and it was the best lighting iv ever seen.... blows any h.i.d. kit out of the water. also my Racer tech +3 suspension setup performed like a dream.
king racing shocks. minus the front sway bar.... thinking about removing the rear bar... whats your thoughts ?
and what series do you run?
I have not tried without the rear bar, but typically softening the rear roll stiffness will increase the understeer. I am tempted to try an aftermarket stiffer bar.

I was racing with STX-ATV but they seem to have shutdown. I also ran the season opener GNCC. Trying to find more races within a reasonable distance. If I find a passenger I may make one or both of the last two GNCC UTV rounds.

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