15 minutes of fame..got it lol!


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I got mine ...finally lol! I guess you guys heard about the jey that went down in the Hudson bay due to a fluck o ducks....anyways when the lost the motors the lost all power..hydraulics and junk...There is a unit on-bourd call an APU auvillary Power Unit. It equates to having a spare genny in Moho or toy hauler I guess When the pilot hit the button the button 4 the APU power to activate..It was there.. they regained control over the aircraft and they were able to land the plane safely in the water..Just got out of a meeting and my company thanked me for doing a good job! I was like Ok ....Then They explained to ome my inspection and test stamps were all over the place ..I was like wow..They were like yep..keep up the good work :)

I'll find a video for youu guys of a bird strike...

good job mang. did they give you that 50k a year raise for saving all their lives?? instead of closing the companies doors with lawsuits' lol..
It is amazing that everyone came out OK and you should be proud to have serviced the equipment that enabled the pilot to land safely. It was cool that the crew was recognized at the Super Bowl.

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