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Does anyone on here race WORCS? I've raced WORCS on a motorcycle, but never in a utv. What are their requirements as far as cage and set up. Finally giving up the bike, want to build a budget racer for both play and race. What do I need to do to be legal? I know, I know, budget and race sounds like a joke, but Im gonna try. Went on their site, but didn't find a whole lot. Thanks in advance for any help.
real simple.

build/buy a strong cage, put doors/sides on it, window nets, 4 or 5 point seat belts, and a fire extinguisher.

UTV Special Rules
1: All UTV's must have 4 point harness for each occupant.
2: Must have ABC type fire extinguisher on board.
3: Side doors or nets are required keep occupant legs within the foot well area.
4: Full factory roll cage must be intact.
5: To be considered a UTV the vehicle must have come with an OEM rear cargo bed.
6: All occupants must wear full protective clothing to include at least a helmet, goggles, gloves. All other clothing must provide full coverage.
Thats my plan is to have the teryx done by next year. Hopefully sooner, but trying to be realistic. Are you planning on running the whole series? Do you know if it can be a bolt on bed delete cage, or does the cage need to be welded to the frame?
The cage can be bolted. There are usually stock UTVs with harnesses that race in every city/stop...
i plan on running the sept rd at glen helen then i'll run everything except WA next year. you can bolt it on then weld it, i know there is a current racer that did that. i'm pretty sure you can do the bed delete kit the utv just has to come from the factory with the bed.
Thanks for the info guys. I look forward to getting out there. I'll post up as I build and get closer to racing.
WORCS is a fun series. It is afforable and it is getting very competitive. It would be tough for me to do a whole series because of some of the races are too far away. I will definatly see you at the Havasu race.

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