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I recently received a PM from a concerned OHV user and thought I would share his comments and my reponse with you folks.

His PM . . .

"Sir I apreciate what you are doing and commend your efforts. I would like to do more than just write leters or emails how can I get more actively involved?"

My response . . .

Thanks for dropping me a line, please call me Bob! I’m just a half dozen years older than you are after all.

Well, first of all, you are a .001% ‘er! Most folks don’t take the little time required to write the letters, fire off the emails or place the phone calls which I assume you are already doing, this is a VERY important part of Access Advocacy.

Next, there is step one of Del Albright’s “J.A.I.L.” principles, "JOIN everything you can afford to join". If you are not already doing so, pick a National Organization whose practices you believe in and spend a few bucks yearly to assist in promoting their efforts on our behalf. Then work on living the rest of Del’s steps.

Quote from Del Albright (http://www.delalbright.com/) who is an Ambassador for the BRC . . . he refers to the following as his “J.A.I.L.” recommendations, his quote follows below . . .

"1. JOIN everything you can afford to join – national, regional, state and local groups and clubs, starting with the BlueRibbon Coalition (http://www.sharetrails.org)

2. ADVOCATE for your sport – talk it up; talk to folks who don’t know us; be passionate and informative about what you love to do.

3. INCLUDE others – by doing ride alongs, organized runs, and politician rides. Take along a member of the local press.

4. LETTERS – write them when asked; or when you know something needs your opinion and input.

One simple solution I offer folks is the One-for-One proposal. For every time you get to go on a ride, do one meeting or write one letter. One for one. It works.”

Along with this, try to encourage your family, friends and people you meet to follow the principles of the BlueRibbon Coalition and Tread Lightly which follow below . . .

BlueRibbon Coalition Code of Ethics:


Tread Lightly Code of Ethics:


You can also volunteer any time you may have available to join in trail cleanup and maintenance efforts conducted by your local Clubs or Organizations.

Keep up on current access issues to try and help stem the tide of anti-access efforts before they get to the point where they have legs.

Know your adversaries by visiting anti-access web sites of the “Wilderness” folks.

And last but not least, don’t give up!

Current anti-access Legislation pending before the Senate and House has been in the works for quite some time.

Although many are quick to blame the current Administration, the fact is that both Liberals and Conservatives are in on these proposals for various reasons, many of which are self serving compromises to benefit their constituents despite the possible negative effects on folks in other States.

Thanks for caring . . .


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