Washington State - Juniper Dunes Area Slated for a Place to Go

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"The federal government has owned the area for as long as it's been in the United States, but come June, for the first time, it'll have a permanent toilet. The Bureau of Land Management plans to install at least one, possibly two, vault restroom buildings on the site.

Until now, the bureau hasn't put anything more than a few kiosks and trail markers in the 19,000-acre Juniper Dunes area. BLM has contingency plans for installing picnic tables, shelters, grills and trash cans, but it won't move on any of those improvements as long as road access to the dunes is an unresolved issue."

Read more here . . . Juniper Dunes getting restroom facilities | The News Tribune - Northwest | Seattle-Tacoma News, Weather, Sports, Jobs, Homes and Cars | South Puget Sound's Destination
yeah boy thats where we ride. about 20 min from home.


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I used to ride there all the time as a kid....one day i will move back up there. I used to live about 45 minutes away. we used to have a lot of camp outs out there.:D

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