Stop Blowing Belts! New Rugged Routes Belt Temp Sensor.

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Why do side by sides use belts?
The fundamental reason UTV’s use a belt CVT system is to avoid the cost of having a full blown transmission and shaft drive which would undoubtedly raise the price of the vehicle and require a clutch system to shift gears making it more complicated to drive. One of the main reasons UTV growth has been so massive is they are extremely easy to drive. Put in High Gear and go! Not to mention breaking a transmission is a lot more expensive than blowing a belt and when you are out in the middle of nowhere fixing a belt may be a pain, but it’s far easier than fixing a transmission of drivetrain issues.


Welcome to our new How-to video series from UTVUnderground where the Pro’s show you how easy it is to do-it-yourself and fix your UTV. Blown belts are one of the most common mechanical issues with UTV’s. The main reason belts fail is because of heat. If you push the belt system too far by running it above the recommended temperature it will fail. Now with the new belt temp sensor form rugged routes you can monitor your belt temperature and spend less time fixing your UTV and more time riding with your friends! watch multi-time off-road champion Mike Cafro show you how easy it is to install and connect to your Lowrance GPS system the rugged routes belt temp sensor to your UTV. Mike shows you how to install your rugged routes step by step as well as what tools you will need to make your install easier.


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