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:mad: Dam Enterprise rent a car butt huggers ..Got flashed in my rental (hemi charger)..they freekin ratted this ninja out! under the bus...sold me out!! WTF ...letter shows up from of my goatee and a big smile over it LOL!!! 76 in a 65....why ...whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy could they not ignore it ??? Ban..4 u more bizness from this ninja...moofers..:mad:I'm gonn ignore this ticket and see if the serve me....I keep you posted...seem like evryone has their hand out...start smackin it!!!
It does not go on your record... It is only a fine. Mine was $200.00.... If you dont pay it right away they say it then becomes an officail ticket and it will go on your record. If you decide to fight it and you losse ... then you have to pay it and then it goes on your record too. I just said screw it and sent them $200.00..... They sure take a good clear picture... dont they? I didnt see the sign change from 75 down to 65 and next thing I know... Flash. They dont have those here is So Cal. I was visiting my brother in law over the holidays. It looks like Arizona is just looking for a way to pay off their debts and balance the budget. LOL.
huh cali 4 you....everyone here is telling me to ignore it..any zonies...??
huh cali 4 you....everyone here is telling me to ignore it..any zonies...??

Yeah I have no idea.... It could of been a bunch of BS to scare you into paying it... But I figured for $ 200.00 I would be done with it. I didnt want it on my record. This was the first ticket I have had since I was a kid.... You guys in Arizona probably know more about it htan I do...

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