MWRA XC racing for 2010


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For the 2010 season the MWRA is going to be running 2 different series one for short cores more of an MX style racing and the other is going to be a cross country style like a GNCC race im now in charge of getting some tracks in the Midwest to host we are looking at having 6 or more races with the CX races and have one a month from April threw October let me know if you are interested in racing in the CX races and were about you live. We will need volunteers to help out on the trails and for times we are looking at having 3 class have a pro type class that would be your faster guys that are all moded out and then your armature class that would be for more of stock guys and slightly modified machines and the 3rd class would be a kids class for rzr 170 and any like machines they would run a 45 min to an hour race and before the other two classes. Both other classes would run for 2 hrs. we are still trying to get every thing put together for this but we are trying to see if there is interest in it or not we are going to try and keep it cheep so everyone can come out and enjoy racing if you know of any tracks that would be able to hold a race like this let me know or if you would like to help out let me know
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