Yamaha Dragon Fire/Fox shock review.

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I was lucky enough to get a set of the new Dragon Fire by Fox 2.0 shocks awhile back from Todd. I got to meet the guys at the Mesa Location and got a tour of the facility when I picked them up. I was pretty impressed by the operation they are running over there and the guys were all pretty cool to talk to. I have talked to Todd and Ross at Fox since then and everyone was great to work with and easy to get a hold of. I have been running them for a while now and wanted to post a review. These shocks are based of off the regular fox shock but he difference in these shocks is that DFR worked with Fox to develop their own valving and set up. The set I got was for a stock travel 2 seater. Speaking with Todd he said they did many hours of testing and tweaking to get these set up for fast riding out of the box.

My first trip with these I didn’t touch a thing on them and ran them as they came. I found myself aiming for every rock and rough spot I could. The shocks worked awesome. When I would hit something I would start to stiffen up and weight for the jolt like I’m used to with the stock suspension, but the jolt never came. I found myself trying to go faster and going back through the same spots trying to find the point where the shocks couldn’t keep up but the end never came. The harder and faster I rode the smoother the shocks were. I have a sstock machine with only a sheave so I wasn’t setting any records but it sure was fun working the shocks as hard as I could.

Since the shocks are fully adjustable I starting messing with the adjustments to see if I could make a nice ride even better. I do a pretty even split of riding between slow technical stuff, to fast and fun so I wanted to soften up the slower ride. It was fun being able to dial in the ride, and the adjustments are so quick I can do it during rides if I want.

I think DFR really nailed these shocks. Right out of the box these shocks are a lot of fun and a big improvement over a stock ride. I can’t imagine how much better these would work with a mid or long travel set up and a less aggressive tire than the big horns.

If you are seriously looking for shocks you need to check these out. If anyone is interested, let me know and we can hook up so you can get a ride on these.

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