BlueRibbon Coalition Offers Three Month Membership at NO COST!

The Lyin King

Public Lands Advocate
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"At a time when federal land managers and politicians are locking up our public lands, we have to ask why more people don't join the BlueRibbon Coalition? Is it something in the off roader's DNA?

We know there are some 43 million Americans who enjoy off-highway vehicle recreation in some form or another, yet only a fraction of those people are card carrying members of any group, let alone the BlueRibbon Coalition. The truth is that membership in all of the OHV groups combined is only around 1-3% of actual OHV enthusiasts. And, according to the data we have, only 9% of all OHV users will join an OHV club or organization – for any reason.

At first, that seems discouraging, but we ran the numbers and that 9% translates to almost 4 million people! Accomplishing what we are at BRC with only a portion of 1%, imagine the difference we can make together if we can sign up the missing 8%.

Grassroots membership numbers give the BlueRibbon Coalition political and legal power. Increasing BRC's membership numbers means additional public lands staff to better participate in the planning processes. It means staff with the expertise and ability to respond to news reports demonizing OHV people. It means a much more aggressive litigation posture. Bottom line, it means more trails stay open.

You can make a huge difference now by helping us find the missing 8%. It may be a friend, family, or even a co-worker. Let them know what BRC is doing for them.

You can do this quickly and securely by giving them this link:

Alternatively, you may download a printable mail-in version to give to friends or pass out at events:

Together, we'll give them a three month free ride. It won't cost them a dime. If they aren't convinced at the end of that time the BRC is worth the membership price, they can just walk away. So, go ahead, help us find that missing 8% and... Give Your Friend a BRC Three Ride!"
come on guys!!!! everyone needs to sign up..we recently did and even if you cant donate right now take advantage of the free sign up..we all needthese guys!!!

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