BLM Establishes Commendation/Complaint Line


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Thought this wourld be of intrest for people......

Kynan Barrios, Chief Rnager for the El Centro Resource Area has established a Commendation/Complaint Line.
This mailbox will be checked on a regular basis by me or a supervisor. If you have anyone request a telephone number to reach me or a BLM law enforcement supervisor for this purpose, please have them call 760-337-4471.
The line's greeting is:
If this is an emergency, hang up and then place a call to emergency services by dialing 911.
Hello, this is Bureau of Land Management Chief Ranger Kynan Barrios of the El Centro Field Office. If you have a comment, compliment, constructive criticism or a complaint about the Law Enforcement Program or an employee, I want to know about it. Please provide your name, telephone number and a brief description of the commendation or complaint. You may remain anonymous and all information is treated as confidential. I am committed to ensuring a high quality of life and safety by partnering with our community to maintain trust and to preserve life and property. A supervisor will respond to your message as soon as possible.

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