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09/17/13 El Cajon, CA – Round 5 of the Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series Southern California took place Saturday, September 7, 2013 at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park. This was the final race before the Regional Series Shootout in Vegas next month.


“I had a pretty unlucky weekend at my home town track in Lake Elsinore. In qualifying I pulled a 3rd place time and ended up staring second place in the main. I instantly pulled to 1st and got the hole shot. I ran in 1st on the first lap but made a mistake and went back to third. We all had a few great battles for the first few laps; I was battling for 2nd until the competition yellow when we all bunched up. I then was battling 1st and 2nd off and on until I tried my hardest to get a win and set the fastest lap time by over half a second. Next thing I knew I came down the back straight away and my motor blew. The crew and I diagnosed the problem when we came back into the pits and found out the cap on my coolant overflow bottle had popped off and drained fluid until it overheated the motor.†~ Bryan Osborn


The Black Rhino/RacerX #854 is sponsored by Black Rhino, RacerX, Rigid Industries, Kal-Gard, Kinder Academy, Papaian Enterprises, CPR Wraps, Doetsch Tech, SFI Designs, UTV Underground, K & N Performance Filters, GMZ Race Products, Dose BMW Service and Cryo Heat Metal Treatment .


As her heart beat pounded in her chest and the R1 Motor screamed in her ears, Jessie Morgan took a deep breath before heading onto the track. With mud hitting her shield and the sound of her spotter yelling “green, green, green†she knew she had everything to prove and nothing to lose.

Jessie Morgan took a 4th place checkered flag at Round 5 of the Lucas Oil Regional Series’ SR1 class at Lake Elsinore in the #876 Black Rhino/ Racer X Motorsports SR1. Being her first time back to the Lake Elsinore Track since her crash in February she stated, “I was not going to let the crash take away from the hard work that has been put into my training and my SR1 by my Crew Chief Kenny Frost and me since February.†Even though Jessie seemed hesitant in qualifying, she dropped 7 seconds off her lap time in the main event and took the checkered flag in 4th place.


Because the Starter went out in the #876 SR1 in practice on Friday, Jessie had to get bump started into Qualifying by a fellow racer, Brandon Blyth. “It is such an amazing time out at the Lucas Oil Off Road Regional Series because even though we are all racing against each other, every driver is here to help. Between Brandon Blyth bump starting me for qualifying and Brandon Kilgore getting a starter for me by the main event, I couldn’t be more thankful for their efforts in getting me on the track.â€

Jessie continued by saying “I am so grateful for this opportunity and for a 4th place finish. I could not have done it without my crew Chief Kenny Frost who puts in hours of hard work on my car and in my training; he has taught me so much! Thank you to Black Rhino/Racer X for their endless support and sponsorship. Thank you to my sponsors GMZ, Rigid Industries, CryoHeat, K&N Filters, KalGard, JDM Photos, Cody Rahders Racing and K1 Race Gear for the support and the driving suit this weekend. I want to give a big thanks to my amazing Family, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, the Frost Family, Ryan Beat, Steven Bell, Nick Tonelli and the BeeHive Family. I am blessed to have such an extraordinary group of people always supporting me and my goals. “


“Had a great weekend of racing and qualifying. Laid down the fastest lap time and won in the main. I'm going 70 points ahead and for the championship!†~ Gary Thompson


Gary Thompson and the #2 are sponsored by; Trevor Smith, Fusion Racing, Walker Evans Racing Shocks, Watson Corp, Black Rhino/RacerX/Kenny Osborn, Weller Racing, my family and friends, my biggest supporter little Gary and my wife.


“The heat race was just a shakedown for me and the buggy since it was a complete rebuild since our last race. It felt ok and I got way comfy back in my car. In the main I started dead last (as usual) amongst a 19 car field. I managed to get into Cori Andrews in the last turn and then spun the next lap in turn 3. No damage to the car and still came in 13th outta 19 cars. Still the only Pilot but it was a blast!!! Oh and HUGE THANK YOU to Brian Cannon and his camp for allowing me to be Co-Pilot for him in his race at Elsinore this weekend. It was a dream and so much fun riding in a mini stock truck. I plan on getting in it every time the seat is empty.


Thank you to Brad, Carr One Fabrications, Chris Watts, Jerry and his whole family, MOM, Aunt Nancy, Black Rhino/Racer X and everyone who continues supporting me! Again nothing is possible without everyone behind me!!! After this weekend of great racing has left me with this year’s goal of winning 2 Championships in one year of racing. And there is still the finals left in each series. See everyone on Oct 6th for Dirt Series, and Oct 12th for the Lucas Shootout†~ Steve “Wheels†Bucaro


Superchips driver Cody Rahders in his / FOX / Magnum Offroad Polaris RZR XP900 wins Round 5 of the Lucas Oil Regional’s Offroad Series Stock XP Class at the Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in Lake Elsinore, California. Rahders RZR proved unstoppable, even after a crash during qualifying he still made his way to the front to take the win.

On lap two of Saturday mornings qualifier Rahders posted a 1:02.398 lap time then on lap five of the six lap qualifier he caught his right rear tire in a hole on the track surface that caused a violent flip. Even though he was unable to continue his time was good enough for second in session.


The RZR was repaired and for the main the line up was inverted four positions. At the start Rahders quickly moved into third then into second on lap two, and the lead on lap six. During a restart on lap seven he was briefly shuffled back to second then moved back into the lead for good taking both the win and fast lap for the weekend of 1:00.760. Cody has now claimed his fifth podium of the season and the points lead going into the sixth and final round as well.

“Lake Elsinore is so much fun, other than my wreck in qualifying I had a blast all day and can’t wait to come back.â€

Cody Rahders and R3motorsports would like to thank the following for their support;, Polaris, Fox, Magnum Offroad, Superchips, ITP Tires, Muzzys Performance, K1 Race gear, Lucas Oil, Starting Line Products, Black Rhino/RacerX, K&N, Frosty Burger, and ProLine Wraps. Special thanks to Nick Novak, Kevin Sullivan, Brandon Blyth, and John Pacheo. Photo credit JDMfotos.

Cody’s next race will be September 20 & 21 fo rRounds 13 & 14 of LOORRS at Las Vegas. To see more of Cody Rahders visit


First off congratulations to teammate Cody Radhers for winning this weekend!

The weekend started off with a last minute trailing arm replacement and a shock spring change that turned out in Friday's practice to get the car handling the best it ever has.

I went into qualifying Saturday morning feeling very confident in my #785 unfortunately I was rather disappointed in qualifying 9th out of 15. In the first lap I almost slipped into a cement barrier getting to far into the slough in turn 2. The rest of the qualifying session went okay but I wasn't hitting my marks like I wanted too.


Even though I expected a better qualifying position I was confident that I had my RZR handling how I had wanted it to all season and had my eye on moving through the pack. During the sight lap I realized it was heavily watered and going to be the most slippery it had been all weekend. Unfortunately this led to my demise on lap 1 I had jumped the tabletop leading into turn 2 bigger than the RZR in front of me and didn't want to get into them and possibly spin them. I ended up hitting the brakes either too hard or too long, probably both, and I ended up over rotating in the inside line of the turn and was facing the back of the pack jumping towards me! "Why am I facing them" I thought and hit the gas to try to give a RZR that was committed to the inside line enough room to get through but my back tire was in the way of his front and next thing I knew I couldn't move! I tried reverse, high, low nothing worked! For some reason a full course caution didn't come out and the field came back around and was jumping the jump into me but I got lucky and no one hit me. Thank you everyone and your spotters for not wrecking into me! After the race I found the belt had exploded into pieces so i was able to fix it before leaving the track!

Special thanks to Steve Chase with Makin Trax Suspension for all his advice, teaching, and work getting the handling dialed for me I really wish I could have gotten a better result for him but especially for myself. Thanks to Brad Liffick for all the support and help throughout the week. I learned a lot in my mistake in the main and I'm moving forward and getting ready for the next race already. Also to the Radhers Racing Team for all their support throughout the weekend thanks teammates!

Thank you to all my sponsors: Makin Trax Suspension, Black Rhino/Racer X, IMG Motorsports, Alba Racing, Raceline Wheels, Twisted Stitch Seats, Desert Molding Concepts, Rockwell Watches


Lucas Oil Regional Series Race Report
Well, one more Lucas Oil race in the books and I’m now tied for first with my series rival and longtime friend Steve Beilman. I went into this race feeling good after the way my car was working at the last round other than the rear wheel falling off. I got there a little late for practice on Friday and got my pit setup pretty fast with the help of Bob Bell, Steve Beilman, and Kory Ellis. Once I got the car through tech I was ready to head out on the track. I suited up and headed over to staging to wait for my turn. Normally it would not have been that bad but this time it was 108 degrees outside and I was sitting in a hot car with a black driving suit and a flat black helmet on. They might not have been the best color choice for a racing series in So Cal in the summer, but it sure does look cool. Once out on the track I was having a blast in the Can‐Am. Bob Bell from Precision Concepts has my Elka Stage 5 shocks dialed in better than any UTV on the track. It is so much fun to drive when you can back the thing into turns and leave it pinned over huge jumps knowing it's all going to be ok. We didn’t even make it around the track one lap and there was a caution flag out. It seems my friend Dave Nagy came out of the gate like a race horse and he flipped it in turn one. Once practice went green again it was back to trying to find where the good lines were and having fun.


With Friday practice over Saturday brought us race day and the same blazing temps. When it was time to qualify we all headed over to staging and waited for our time on the track. Once we were all out on the track I spent the first of six laps finding out where the slippery mud was and then I was going to put the hammer down. I gave a bit of a gap between Beilman and I...then it was on. Everything was working great and I was feeling good about my lap time until right before the end, bam, a yellow flag came out. As I rounded the corner there was Greg Row on his side, the yellow stayed out for two laps then it was back to green again. I gave myself another gap between me and Beilman and then I tried to lay down a good couple of laps. I ended up catching Beilman and had a little battle with him and was able to make a pass right before I started the next lap. I was hitting everything the way I wanted to and was feeling good and then again with the yellow flag. I was feeling confident about my lap time and qualifying when I headed back to the pits. About 15 minutes after qualifying was over I headed over to scoring to check out the times and it seems that the race horse (Dave Nagy) figured out how far he could push his car during his soil sample and backed it down just enough to stay upright and set the fastest lap. I was a little deflated and yet motivated, the bad news is I qualified in third the good news is I only lost first by 2 one‐hundredths of a second and the other good news is the top five cars all qualified within 1 second so there was sure to be some good racing.

Now it was race time and I was feeling confident that I could pull off a win. It was Dave Nagy on the pole for the first time and another guy next to him that came from the WORCS series. I was behind Dave and Beilman was to my right. We had discussed leaving a gap between our class and the SR1’s during the parade lap. What was unclear to some was when they should hit the throttle and start racing. When the pace truck pulled off the track I knew it was go time and was ready for the green flag to drop. As we were rounding turn 4 my spotter Steve Smith yelled out GREEN!!! GREEN!!! But Dave did not go. I waited for a second and the trophy carts behind us started to pass us and I said to hell with that and hit the gas because as far as I knew a race had started and I did not know what the holdup was. So I turned to the inside of Dave and left. I went from third to first and everything was great. I was feeling good and driving my own race and keeping an eye on Dave in my rear view mirror now and then. Around the third lap the car was starting to handle funny and lost a little drive out of the turns I thought it was due to the track drying out and getting too much traction with my Maxxis tires. I getting worried about Dave behind me now as he was catching me little by little and there did not seem to be much I could do about it. On the fourth lap he closed the gap in turn three and came up beside me coming out of the turn going into the rollers, my car was a handful in the rollers but I kept the throttle mashed to the floor and when I came out of them I was a little wide into turn four and Dave got by me. I pulled in behind him and stuck to his bumper waiting for him to make a mistake but he was hooked up. After two laps I came in hot into turn three trying to pressure him and when I hit the gas the car did a right hand spin and I was against the wall, not figuratively but actually against the wall. I put the car into reverse and backed away from the wall all the while getting passed by third. When the mandatory caution came out we grouped back up and I was going to try and make a move on the restart. It went green and there was not much I could do, the car was still a hand full and a little slow out of the turns. I pushed as hard as I could but to no evil, I even set my fastest lap time on the last lap but I was stuck in third.

After the race there was a little dust up in our pits as to the start of the race because some thought I jumped the start. I told them I even waited a couple seconds but It was green so I took the shot. With the threat of thunder storms we loaded up quickly and headed home. I was a little bummed about getting third in the race and about what happened afterward. Once home I unloaded my car and then it became apparent why my car was a handful and a little slow out of the turns. I broke the stub axle inside the front dif on the right hand side. So that made me feel a little better about my performance and third place.

I would like to thank all the people that help me get to the races and the people that help me at the races. First off Alba Racing for doing such an amazing job building and prepping the car. Bob Bell for getting my car working awesome and then Steve Smith for taking his time to come out and do whatever needs to be done on the car or in the pits I had the cleanest car on the line and I did not touch it that was all Steve Smith. And most of all I would like to thank my wife. She does so much including chasing two wild little boys in 108 degree heat. You guys are awesome and I really appreciate you.

Thank you to all of my sponsors. Without them none of this would be possible; Maxxis, Racer X, Black Rhino, Alba Racing, Elka, Can-Am, Pro Armor, Precision Concepts, DWT, KZ Trailers, Fly Racing, UNI, Tire Blocks, Baja Designs, Motion Pro, CJ Norby Signs, Galfer, IMS, Scott, Alpinestars, Necksgen, and Crash Addict


Friday September 6th Practice Day: I picked up my RZR XP at Race Edge in El Cajon and headed North to Lake Elsinore. As we drive north on the 15 and drop into the valley the temperature outside is 104 degrees! I unload and get on the track. I’m only on the track for 30 seconds and I slide high going onto the main straight, get in the fluff and roll onto my side. I can’t believe it, thirty seconds and I am already on my side like a stranded turtle! They get me back on my wheels. There is no damage so I’m back on the track. The cars running great but I’m getting the stuffing beat out of me through the rhythm section and its really grabbing in the turns. Bob Bell from Precision Racing jumps in, does what Bob Bell does, he makes a few adjustments to my shocks and the car handles much better.

Saturday September 7th Race Day: As I drive to the hot pits for qualifying, I’m feeling pressure to perform and I have butterflies in my stomach. Practice didn’t go as well as I hoped and my confidence isn’t where I want it to be. This season has been humbling and I really want to take a first place trophy home with me. Onto the track, I take it slow at first then faster, faster, the car feels really good…. I’m pushing it hard…still rough through the rhythm section but I can live with it…Greg Row and I trade some paint going off the first table top onto the main straight away…man that will wake you up! Qualifying is over and it felt good. Wayne Matlock comes over to tell me I’m on the pole…what? I’m on the pole…YES!!!


Race Time: The parade laps are done and the green flag drops. Two cars jump early…what the? Now some say I should have gone while others say that someone jumped early. Either way, it doesn’t matter because I went from pole position to third so fast you’d think I wasn’t moving. Needless to say I am not happy at this moment, but now I’m on a mission: chase them down and take back first! By the end of the second lap, I’m in second and I’ve got Wayne Matlock in my sights. If you know Wayne you know he can drive and he’s very competitive, which makes him fun to race against. Three laps go by and we are doing battle. I’m waiting for an opening when Wayne goes wide and I slide underneath. Yes! I’m back in first and widening the gap. I’m in first! I can’t tell you how great I feel. My car is running amazing and I’m in first!!! Half way through the race the mandatory yellow flag comes out. They tighten us all up and then we’re back under the green flag. A T-Rex flies by me. I’m in second…white flag comes out and my motor starts to cough!!! WHAT?! I look down and my gas gauge is flashing at me…ARE YOU KIDDING??!! I’m running out of GAS!!! No…no…wait, I might make it…I might make it…two more turns…one more turn…Checkered flag!!! Second! I’ll take it! Another great weekend and another great race is in the books. This racing stuff is exciting in oh so many ways!

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: My RZR XP may be equipped for one driver, but it takes a team effort to make it all happen. So, I want to thank Alba Racing for sponsoring me when no one else would; Nate Martinez; Richie Morel the best mechanic in Southern California; Bob & Diane Bell at Precision Concepts Racing for getting the most out of my shocks; Chuck DeWent at Action Powder Coating; Tim Neidhardt & Eric Ridens at Race Edge for moving my radiator and their awesome fabrication work; everyone at Black Rhino, especially Jason for being my spotter; Gregory Scott Row & Wayne Matlock for your invaluable advice and support in preparing me for the Lucas Oil Off Road Regionals in Lake Elsinore and for this second place.


Race report FROM Greg Row

“I went into the Lucas Oil Regional Elsinore race with high hopes of a podium finish. Coming off a Dirt Series win I was ready to keep the momentum going. The car was handling awesome and after battling with fellow Black Rhino/RacerX Motorsports driver Dave Nagy in practice I had a secondary clutch failure. My fusion suspension sponsor Trevor Smith brought another clutch and we were able to change it out prior to qualifying.

Once again in qualifying my buddy Dave Nagy and I were going at it when I came into the tight right hand turn and felt something in the front four wheel drive give out. I spun into an uncontrollable spin before catching an edge and putting the car on its side wondering what just happened! Unable to complete qualifying, I limped back into the pits to assess the damage. It seems an outer stub axle failed and with that I thought my race was over.

After talking with my mechanic we came to the decision that I would race in 2 wheel drive to get some seat time and have a little fun at the back of the pack. The start of the race, when the track was freshly watered, I had nothing for anybody. I took my time to feel the car out and by the restart went from a 1:14 lap time to a 1:02, just 1 second off the leaders in 2 wheel drive. I was hitting the jumps wide open and clearing the huge table on the backside of the track. The Bilstein shocks handled better than any car on the track. I had Wayne Matlock in my sights but ran out of time to make anything happen and had to settle for 4th.

Big thanks to Fusion, Black Rhino/RacerX Motorsports, Bilstein, DWT, Alba, Maxima, FUTV, UNI, Summers Brothers , Tireblocks, RND, Fineline Graphics and ORW.â€

Dylan got 1st Place in his first ever Unlimited UTV Race on Saturday, September 7, 2013. Friday was the first time he had ever driven the car. He qualified 5th on Saturday.


In the main Dylan started 5th, third row inside of his class. By the mandatory caption he had moved up to 2nd. At the restart he made the pass for 1st going up the step up before turn two and never looked back. Dylan said " I had so much fun. I'm so looking forward to the next round"

Dylan is sponsored by; WB Motorsports, Famous Stars and Straps, BlackRhino, Magnum OffRoad, UtvUnderground and HiPer Wheels.

At Black Rhino Inc. we have a passion for Side X Sides that is unmatched by anyone in our industry. We offer tons of products for ALL Side X Sides and a full showroom and website for your shopping convenience. We have a full service and installation center, an on-site fabricator, and a sales staff that is ready to help make your dream Side X Side a reality.

Visit us today at 9303 Bond Ave. El Cajon, Ca. 92021 or log onto our website at You can also visit them on Facebook at

Black Rhino: Setting the trend for today's EXTREME Side X Sides.

Drivers needing help with logistics or more info can contact Kenny Osborn at 619-561-5000 or email him at

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