Wheelers for the Wounded

Wow now that is a great cause!!!! There isnt enough out there we can do to say thanks for the sacrifices these guys make for all of us! What a cool way to share our hobby with the guys who protect our freedom so we can do it!!
Joey< I posted up on rf too, if this hits the valley of the sun, you bet your azz we will be planning an overnight SXS run for our soldiers. PITP would be great timing although I doubt that will hit, nevertheless, EVERYONE needs to get involved and do more than just say thank you to a soldier. For those injured no longer able to do some of these things, this would be the ulitmate give back and I can only hope it makes it here..DTH will for sure represent!!!!!!
anyone else not able to open the link? I would really like to research this some more and host a Trip somewhere for my fallen brothers
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