Yamaha what is this noise???


Murder Red
when i shift into gear from a long ride or when the motor is hot, my car slams or grinds into gear :eek: what could this be? maybe just a linkage adjustment? because if i shut it off and leave it in gear there is not problem or when i first start it in the morning and put it into gear its fine, or let it cool it engages fine. Its only when i put it into neutral when its hot and then put it into gear. please let me know so i can fix this.
No biggie Kdub, adjust your linkage and/or your idle and your good to go! When we hitting Ocotillo up again???
well how do you adjust the linkage and how do you know when its adjusted correctly? and where is the idle adjustment lol sorry for all the questions im just a noob lol
well i would like to go again but i will be bumming a ride in someones car
well i just dont want it to break lol i dont have the money for it to get fixed if it does
plus its going to be way hot out there :(
if i can get this linkage thing fixed then i will, i just dont want my tranny to go out :confused:
Your not gonna breakdown, that's why you got a Yamaha!!! It might be a little warm, but it will be well worth it! Gonna be a good time, you don't wanna miss it!!!
Check the throttle cable where it runs through the frame under the hood. When i wired my lights a added a couple zip ties to hold some stuff in place and my car started doing the same thing. I cut the zip tie around the throttle and the problem went away. The cable should be loose.

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