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DO you want us to plan a UTVUG Run in April?

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So we have been talking about planning the first of many UTVUnderground fun runs out in Ocotillo Wells. We have been waiting to know exactly when my car is done so that way we can kind of unveil it to everyone and have a super bomb party in the desert and do some fun off roading.

So my question is, if we plan a run towards the nd of april (not sure of an exact date) are you guys interested. We cna have a little RC battle, BBQ up the carne, you know!! Do it up So Cal style!!

All the AZ, Nevada, Oregon, Illinois, EVERYONE will be more than welcome.....are you in????? If we have enough postive remarks and interest we will squeeze one or 2 of these in this season......

Still talking about Baja as well!!!
damn joey not going to be able to make it. even though u did not invite WASHINGTON peps out!!! lol but i will be super busy with work. well maybe towards november or something.. if ur down..
Ill have to check the schedule, we have two races planned already but may be able to squeeze it in...

Something different, I do one run a summer called the SYBORR or Sweet Your Balls Off Rhino Run.
We pick a full moon night in June or July, meet at the bar in Ocotillo around 6 on a Friday night, not OW, Ocotillio off 8, wait till dark then make a run around the Superstition area on a full moon night.

2 out of the 3 have been a blast, the third was ok, too much carnage.

Also, the RSV to Mikes run would be fun too. Joey leads yo.
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ok ok so I probably cant make it but definitely marked I will be there cuz there wasnt a well, I dont know if I will still have a job and the wife lets me box...LOL
any riding is good riding, Whenever wherever...will do the best to be their. Some guys whine and bitch its tooo hot itsssss tooo cold....just ride!!!
I will be there if my ladie doesnt pop right before that ride, my luck she will or something will come up. If all goes will im in prob with at least another rhino
I'm in like flin!

Pack up the family and have a blast.

April is perfect. Right in between race months.

Lets figure out what weekend so I can start planning.
im down if the warden says its cool cause im in the same boat familywagon is shes about to pop due date is april 5 but will see homies................can i re vote cause i put you guys suck lol..................
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lmao family wagon what you having bro im having another boy but i cant seem to find the right name
lmao family wagon what you having bro im having another boy but i cant seem to find the right name

Congrats on the boy man, I cant seem to plant the seed right for a boy ! lol I will be having my 2nd girl, dont get me wrong im happy as hell but it would of been nice to have one of each.
well congrats on your girl bro im kinda glad to have 2 boys not sure i can handle a girl lol just never saw my self with a little girl
I am in for a US based get together. I am out on Mexi. :( I was raised going to Mexico and love it down there. But, I have a son now, and there just isn't enough justification to go down there right now. I won't say never, bat it is going to have to get better before I go back.
OK, so OW when? 4/1 and 4/2 are the opening round of the LOORS (Lucas Oil Off Road Series) at Primm.

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