Trails Are Evil?

The Lyin King

Public Lands Advocate
The last time I looked most everything living used a trail. Ants have trails. Lizards do too. Everywhere I look there is a trail. Heck, there is even a four lane asphalt trail right through Red Rock Canyon State Park! Nobody seems to mind that. Without trails I wouldn’t be here. This brings me to the purpose of this banter. Why is an OHV trail so evil?

Trails do not cause trash, erosion or hooliganism. A trail is a trail is a trail. So why do the anti-access nuts define a trail as evil, “the dead zone,†or just something that needs to be destroyed (otherwise known as restoration using green sticker funds). It really hurts my feelings knowing that some critter gets to enjoy a trail, but I don’t. Is this a civil rights issue? Maybe I should talk to the ACLU.

This arbitrary and capricious treatment of motorized trail users has been facilitated by the propaganda fed to our elected officials. The idea that humans are bad, not part of the environment and must be regulated to the cities is an idea that is a little hard to take.

That being said, we do have a way to rectify our representatives lack of education in regards to motorized trail use. This program allows anyone to become an effective advocate for motorized trail users. You simply make an appointment with your local representative. Take the family and show the DVD (8 minutes). Be nice. Tell them that you and yours are passionate about motorized recreation and all the great things about it. Shake hands, take their card, leave yours, and go home. Write a thank you card and mail it. When you get a happy holiday card from your new best friends, allow yourself to be surprised (there is no restriction on that yet).

Go to Our National Forest Trails Are in Trouble . . . to get the program and use it. As you procrastinate, know that . . . “Your Silence Will Ensure Closure.â€ÂÂ

George Paniagua, CORVA Assistant Southern Director- Legislation

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