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SDR Motorsports is looking for a part time to full time experienced welder/ fabricator to add to our team.

We are looking for qualified people to join our team and are looking for someone who is organized, self motivated, and a team player.

Qualified candidates must be familiar with fabrication equipment, with at least two years or more experience with tubing and chassis/ related fabrication.

We prefer someone who is not currently working out of thier garage and prefer someone that does not own his/ her own equipment although all applicants will be considered.

Pay will be in line with competitive industry salaries with piecework and/ or bonus structures.

Please give me a call directly at 800.277.2280 or send Resume to or you can P.M. me through the board.

For those that do not know, we are a small company with big goals. We are a team oriented company that promotes innovation and embraces new ideas and better ways to do things. We want people who believe there is always a better way to do something and we never know everything about what we do. Working with us requires a motivated, can do attitude and the ability to take initiative and get things done the right way. You can learn more about SDR Motorsports Inc. at our website SDR Motorsports

What kind of money is standard for a decent fabricator? I know alot of garage guys do it for fun. What about letting people build stuff after hours using some of your jiggs? I would be down for after hours fab. Alot of poeple on this site have decent home shops.
Thanks but we are looking for a full time guy to keep up with the workload here in the shop.

Nothing against garage guys, I know there are a ton of guys out there that are very good that work out of a garage shop. Heck we started out of my garage!

I just have gone through a few guys that were good talented fabricators but had too many distractions with thier own equipment at the house and as soon as they left they started building the same thing we build here for "friends"

Anyway, hopefully you get the point.

As to the other stuff, my insurance co. would kill me if we tried to put that together!
good luck, lots of good guys out there looking for work! I am sure you guys will find someone talented!

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