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The Lyin King

Public Lands Advocate
Stewards of the Sierra National Forest
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Dear Outdoor Recreation Enthusiast:

The Stewards of the Sierra National Forest is a grass roots organization created to preserve and promote PUBLIC ACCESS on PUBLIC LANDS, and preserve motorized access to the Sierra National Forest. As a division of the California Trail Users Coalition (CTUC) a non-profit (501c3) Corporation, the organization covers a broad spectrum of user groups, all dedicated to the preservation of public lands, so the land remains here to enjoy today, tomorrow, and into the future.

The Sierra National Forest contains 1.3 million acres, of which 528,000 acres is Congressional designated WILDERNESS for the John Muir, Ansel Adams, Kaiser, Monarch, Dinkey Lakes,and the Kings River Special Management Area. Another 112,000 acres is split between private property and Roadless Areas. We all know that this WILDERNESS and ROADLESS DESIGNATION has closed off these areas to motorized access. This leaves only 660,000 acres (100 square miles) for motorized recreation, and access to hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking and shooting areas.

If you add up all of the roads and trails in the forest currently proposed for use, we only recreate on .33% of the Sierra National Forests 660,000 acres left open. As our population grows and OHV enthusiasts are facing other land closures, such as the closure of the Clear Creek Management Area (88,000 acres), retaining motorized access to the Sierra National Forest is critical. The Sierra National Forest has released their Draft Environmental Impact Statement a document that proposes to close almost 87% of the motorized roads and trails currently in use in the forest. This action also closes access to numerous dispersed camping areas and campgrounds, fishing and hunting access and increases the seasonal closure periods of the forest!

It has become more important than ever to preserve all of the OHV opportunities that we can.

The only way we can accomplish these goals is through the dedication and cooperation of all those that enjoy access to our Public Lands, especially the Sierra National Forest. Together we stand united and are committed in preserving access for everyone. The future of your Public Lands is in your hands.

Now we need your help!

Stewards of the Sierra National Forest has already retained the services of one of the areas top biologists to decipher the science of the DEIS to advise ourselves and our members and clubs. We also have taken the opportunity to retain and consult with one of the nations top land use comment writers. This individual has worked for the Agency for many years and is now dedicated to helping recreation enthusiasts retain motorized access to our nation's forests. This individual has a very intimate knowledge of how the Agency works and what rules they must follow in the public scoping and NEPA procedures.

The only real chance we have to increase the amount of land we will be able to retain is by finding the flaws in procedure and science that the Forest Service has committed during their public process.

Unfortunately all of this does not come without a cost. The Stewards of the Sierra National Forest has already met the needs of the biologist, and now needs your help in offsetting the $10,000.00 expense of the comment writer who will be submitting substantive comments on your behalf. We are asking that all who recreate on public lands and in the Sierra National Forest help out by making a Tax Deductible Contribution in this time of need to help off set this very large expense.

This can be accomplished in several different ways the easiest of which is by going to our web site Stewards of the Sierra National Forest and becoming a member of the Stewards of the Sierra National Forest and donate. You can also click the Contribute button and this will take you through a process using Pay Pal, and you do not need a Pay Pal account for this procedure. You may also send a check or money order to the address listed above, or feel free to e-mail me to make other arraignments.

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You in advance for your gracious donation to help keep Public Lands Open to the Public. All of your donation stays and works in the Sierra National Forest and will be used by the organization to help off set the growing expense of fighting to keep public lands open for you and your families enjoyment. Without outdoor recreation sponsors like you this effort would not be possible. Once again Thank You for your support.

In closing, Stewards of the Sierra National Forest its members and affiliated clubs know that continued recreation and enjoyment of our public lands is an inherent right that we will, and must be able to pass on from one generation to the next. We stand united and powerful to create strategic volunteer alliances and promote good Stewardship of our Public Lands through Education and Conservation for the enjoyment of all.

Mission Statement

Stewards of the Sierra National Forest sole mission is to unite the many people who enjoy the diverse recreational activities available in the Sierra National Forest, promoting responsible recreation and use of forest resources, through conservation and education, and ensuring public access to the forest in the present and for future generations.

Mike Wubbels

Mike Wubbels
Executive Director
Stewards of the Sierra National Forest

Stewards of the Sierra National Forest
Stewards of the Sierra National Forest
Stewards of the Sierra National Forest
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