Pismo For Prez weekend????


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Anyone rolling out to Pismo for Presidents?

I know there are other places the masses are going but my cousin wants to go there for his b-day.

Let me know if you are and we can meet up!
I'll be there from the 11th to the 14th, leaving that day. Look for my purple and pink rhino. If not look for the toyhauler that has a huge gorilla on it.

Look for this

on the back of this


My Rhino but with paddles

Perfect. We'll look for ya.

Both Rhino's are in my signature.

Well also have a blue baja with orange flames out there.
Just got home from Pismo no to long ago, had a little delay because of a blow out on the trailer from some debris it picked up on the beach, but all in all it was a great week of riding and when we left today many people were coming in for the weekend. Saw a LT prowler out on the dunes, they are fast.
Okay now that i've settled in after the trip i'll tell you how it went. Packed up my yz450f, Raptor 700, friends raptor 700 and the rhino and headed to pismo. Got to pismo wednesday about 1pm, and it was sunny all day and night until like 2am and then it poured down rain. Rhino worked really well that day. Thursday woke up to sun and t-shirt weather and went out for a few rides and a friend in my yz450f said it just stopped working. So we had to pack the 450 into the rhino and haul it back to camp where we started to get some weather later in the day but not much. Some winds that night but again it down poured during the night and into the early morning and got sun about 10am friday morning. Friday morning went for a few rides in the Rhino and got really comfortable in it and started hitting some jumps when I hit one pretty good and landed on the nose and then couldn't steer. The bolt that goes into the steering rack decided it wanted to come out, but upon further review it looks like my dumb ass when adjusting the toe on the rhino, only loosened the one jam nut on the heims so must have unthreaded the bolt that hold the U shaped piece that hold the hiems on the tie rods in place on the steering box. I say this because only a few splines pulled out but enough to where the bolt was toast. Had to be towed into camp by a Teryx when somebody else was driving when I was running next to my rhino making sure the tire didn't keep flopping over and dragging. I did my best to tie up the tie rod and everything to keep it as straight as possible. Went to town found a bolt, not allen which sucked ass because I couldn't get a socket down there so I had to wedge a washer by the head bolt and turn by hand until it got tight, and was able to finish my weekend. Friday night it started to rain early like at 7pm but was on and off until 11pm and then woke up to a nice clear sky and had to leave to come home and got a blow out from some nail that I picked up in the sand, but all in all my trip was great. Only thing that didn't break was my raptor and I rode the piss out of that also.
Sounds like a good one.

Who saw Greg and the Rugged Rhino out there? Someone wearing a UTV UG shirt!
That was me. The rhino looked good. Nice transformation.

The weekend was great! Great weather and a all around great time. We didnt get rain until monday when we were leaving.

We took the Baja and the Jeep just incase it rained we'd be in inclosed cars.

Enough with the chat here's some pictures.




dam travis you got all the toys ready for anything looked fun dog damit and damn you got a hoodie whats up joey.......
Naw I saw a guy wearing it so I whooped his azz and took it! Joey wasn't even there so dont take it out on him.

I still feel bad for the other guy. Hope he recovers.:rolleyes:
what a dude!!! Trav got one of the personal stash on the Hoodies!! I owed him!! LOL

Lookin good on ya....but I must say, I am gettign pissed off seeing you break out a new toy each trip you go on!!!! Whats up daddy warbucks???
Gotta keep the toys in rotation. If they sit to long they go bad.:D

Actually I just put power stearing on the Baja so I mainly wanted to test it out and it had been sitting for like 2 years so I felt bad for it.

Little background on it. My Dads great uncle bought it brand new in Germany in '62 and brought it over when they came. My uncle totaled it in highschool in '70 and this is it 3 rendition. My dad used it to flat tow his buggy to Pismo back in the day. One trip the Baja motor let go so they took the motor out of the buggy and through it in the baja to make it home. They did the motor swap in a convenience store parking lot. My mom said the only thing is they couldn't hear by time they got home because the buggy had a stinger exhaust. Thats hard core!

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