Off Road Expo 2009




Hey guys, get in on this!!! Any of you with the bad A$$ Off Road Vehicles! Support the Dirt Alliance and get in on this opportunity to show off your ride!!!
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Re: Truck Show at OffRoad Expo

Take the K5 and put up int here could probably sell it!!! Get on it!!!!! Your shiz is not weak!!! Represent the Underground Homie!! We will lace you up!!!
Re: Truck Show at OffRoad Expo

The show is open to UTV's as well. I will be in the UTVUNDERGROUND booth. I know some of you guys have really nice vehicles with custom paint, custom seats, crazy aluminum work and huge audio/video systems. Enter your rides in the show and shine. You may just win best of show and walk away with $1000.

PM me if you are interested in attending.

Re: Truck Show at OffRoad Expo

Offroad Expo's have shot themselves in the foot by trying to hold to many of them in a given period, it seems the only Offroad expo that works is the one in October. which is the only one i attend
Re: Truck Show at OffRoad Expo

The only way this show is going to pop off is if we the consumers and enthusiasts show support! Go out and show support for the industry guys!! These guys are trying to give us 2 shows a year to go and check stuff out. If you arent already commited to an event that weekend then go and show some love for UTVUnderground and the Dirt Alliance who will be in full force representing!!!!
That's a bad weekend I'm planning on being in Glamis. Don't trip Joey I got the stickers on my rhino and will be rocking the UTVUG proudly !
LOL...I told the DA guys it was a tough weekend for a lot of you guys who are already heading to mother G but for those who arent you need to toss your SXS on the trailer and go try and win $1000 in the show!!!

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