Newbie to this site

Bob, you are totally welcome here!!!

For those of you who dont know Bob he is our resident land advocate who keeps us informed and educated on all the latest spear heads to close land and related issues. Guys like Bob are rare and highly appreciated. We all need to stay on top of this and thank Bob for his time and effort.

Glad to see ya made it here buddy!
Thank you for joining! You are an asset to the off road community and we are more than pleased to have you come here and share the steps we can take to better assist you and the entire off road community in protecting our off road lands!!
yeah boy lyin kings in the house ............welcome and glad you rolled over here.......
Thanks guys!

Hey Dorian, fancy meeting you and seeing many other familiar folks at this site! Thank you very much for your continued support, here and at the other site I frequent.

My primary goal is stated in my signature, that being to get folks involved in advocating for access. Sadly, I only have so much time in my day to do so and therefore I need to concentrate my efforts where I feel they will have the most impact, that being where the audience is large.

One key part of what makes for successful access advocacy is paid membership in National, Regional and Local organizations. I attempt to encourage this whenever and where ever possible.

I did many keyword searches of this site for the typical access and advocacy terms but came up with very few hits. This is a great site and I respect what the community here stands for and is accomplishing, but it seems geared primarily to what its mission statement outlines, this is a remarkably focused group and I commend all its members for their ability to stay on topic.

There are programs available through National Organizations which allow clubs and forums to join as such for a small investment.

As an example, if you are a member of Club or Forum who joins the BlueRibbon Coalition, you become a “Club” member of BRC. The Club pays one bill of $100 split between all Club Members. So say if 10 guys form a Club, then the Club joins BRC, they can split the $100 fee between all 10 of them.

That does not give each member voting rights or an individual copy of the magazine. However, there is one more thing folks could do. After the Club becomes a “Member”, individuals can become “Associate Members” at a reduced price.

Read more here. .

The “United Four Wheel Drive Associations” offers incentives for web sites, forums and clubs too, here’s an example.

“Attention all Webmasters and Club owners! Here is an opportunity to not only help improve the sport of Off-Roading by informing others about the sport or by encouraging them about the sport but after you have done those things getting them to join the sport by signing up to be a member of United Four Wheel Drive Associations from your website by clicking a link/banner we provide for you. Once they have joined by clicking your banner/link you will make a $3.00 commission on each person!”

Read more here . . .

Other National Organizations offer similar incentives. I would recommend that the UTVUnderground begin their efforts to make a difference by doing something like this, if possible.

Here are some key ways for individuals to make a make a difference in a quote from Del Albright ( who is an Ambassador for the BRC . . . he refers to them as his “J.A.I.L.” recommendations.

"1. JOIN everything you can afford to join – national, regional, state and local groups and clubs, starting with the BlueRibbon Coalition (

2. ADVOCATE for you sport – talk it up; talk to folks who don’t know us; be passionate and informative about what you love to do.

3. INCLUDE others – by doing ride alongs, organized runs, and politician rides. Take along a member of the local press.

4. LETTERS – write them when asked; or when you know something needs your opinion and input.

One simple solution I offer folks is the One-for-One proposal. For every time you get to go on a ride, do one meeting or write one letter. One for one. It works.”

I'll be hanging around and appreciate all you folks do!

Best Wishes . . . Bob
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Thank you for posting Lyin King and thank you for joining the site as well!! we will do our best to help you and the rest of the off road community out!!
Bob, this is a very new site and that may be one reason for lack of key searches. I am all in favor of this site joining the coalition and will talk to JoeyD and see what he thinks,the split cost would be great among members IMO.
Right on guys!

As an OHV community we need all the help we can get fighting the anti-access crowd and that includes assistance from sportsman, cyclists, watercraft users, horsemen, cattlemen, private land owners, the BLM, the National Forest Service, our Public Servants and whole bunch of other folks who are threatened by these folks.

We also need to reel in those amongst us with bad manners, ill respect for our public lands and the access rights of folks we share those lands with.

Together we stand, divided we fall!
Bob, this is a very new site and that may be one reason for lack of key searches. I am all in favor of this site joining the coalition and will talk to JoeyD and see what he thinks,the split cost would be great among members IMO.
I offered to pay the whole thing for another site out of my own pocket but they decided to chew on it instead.

I don't like being snubbed, especially for something so important and I DO NOT suffer fools!
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