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Well after the OW run I started to check over the rhino and noticed a couple of diff thing I need to address. First I guess my rear tires and fenders seemed to like eachother cause I cracked the fenders on both sides. Question is if I run bump stops on the shock shafts is that going to help limit the up travel on the shock without changing the way it rides ? I dont want to just put more load on the springs and have it sitting funny.... any other easy ways to go about doing this ?

I also ripped a boot on my rear CV, considering I have gorillas I dont know if I should just send it to them and let them take care of trying to get the CV off the shaft or what to do ? All I know is that the CVs do not like coming off the axle. Thanks in advance
Options on the fenders:

Move the fenders out so the tires tuck..
Trim up the fenders which I know you dont want to do cause the paint..
or try the bump stops with no guarantees...

as fro the CV I would try and fix it yourself.....
I have tried to get the CVs off before and there a PAIN and the one time I did get them they broke the splines on the axle. So that's why I'm in the air about that one.

As far as the fender I guess the best way is to move everything out, I was just hoping there would be a easier way without have to spend to much time. I would cut them but on the lower part of the fender they are flanged so I think by cutting them it would of add more stress on the cracks. Another quest for you guys since they are cracked and I don't want it to spread do you think by laying some fiberglass on the back side of the fender it would help and be beneficial to helping them not crack ?
Anyone else with some input......... should I try to fiberglass the back of the fenders so the dont crack anymore or will that even help ?

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