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We OHV users are faced with a challenging task in trying to retain our right to use our public lands in the manner to which we have grown accustom. The OHV community is losing hundreds of miles of historically traveled trails monthly and there are some real jewels that we’ve recently been locked out of.

The only hope for stemming the tide of closures is to use our numbers to fight back. There are over ten thousand folks who belong to the Forums dedicated to SXS's, together we should be able to help even if only 25% of us got involved.

The anti-access groups are well organized, well funded and have high dollar legal teams with countless lobbyists on their payroll who are constantly influencing our elected public servants.

Here are some links to National Organizations that exist to fight for your right to access YOUR public lands.

The Blue Ribbon Coalition . . .
Tread Lightly . . . Tread Lightly -
United Four Wheel Drive Associations . . .
Americans for Responsible Recreational Access -

Individuals fighting for your right to access YOUR public lands.

Del Albright, Ambassador for the BlueRibbon Coalition -
Don Amador, Western Representative for the Blue Ribbon Coalition -

There are many other pro-access groups and individuals, seek them out. To help make a difference, please consider joining at least one National Organization and one that is local to your region. Your involvement and monetary contribution will make a difference!

Here's a link that will allow you to find the Elected Public Servants for your zip code, please use it and write them often . . .

Thank you in advance for your interest!

I sincerely hope that you make a decision to get involved, if not for yourself then for our kids and future generations of off-highway enthusiasts.
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Thank you for posting Lyin King!! I hope we can ralley thr troops and get everyone to write letters!! Please continue to keep us posted. You may find many are reading and not posting so dont be discouraged!! We shall do our part here at to help you fight this battle!!

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