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I have an 07 660 rhino.
Mods are:
hunterworks tri-fire cdi
hunterworks machined sheave
E.P.I "orange" spring
custom 2" exhaust tip
carb work
SS108 and 26" swamp lites
Home made half doors w/ factory yamaha latches

After reading and searching for info on "clutching" on numerous sites
and not being able to find what im looking for i guess im just going to ask..

What is the Absolute best pieces and parts to have to get the power to the ground???

I have spoken to several and they have told me the orange spring and stock roller weights were a good combo, but now after having this set up for a while
the rhino seems to rev high "like belt is slipping but i know it is not" until i get passed a certain speed and then starts pulling again.

If anyone has any better combos, please, could you hook me up.

If anyone has any videos of your rhino taking off from a full stop, you know spinning tires, lifting front wheels or whatever can u post them and explain what parts you have.

I do mostly trail riding, lots of gravel roads. And i ride in a little place known as st.joe park, Lots of SAND. Here in missouri i can say i have the best array of riding terrains that a guy could want. just my two cents
this is a great question that gets a lot of different responses usually. Other motor mods play a huge role. I am not going to attempt to tell you whats best but hopefully one of our gurus can drop some science as to what would work best.

I can tell you with my Weller 720 I will be running first with your set up, Orange Spring and 16g stock weights and that was based on advice from Weller. I do of course have a KMS sheave....

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