Yamaha hows gibson exhaust???

I dont know? They look nice, I think I remember someone saying they were loud but not sure? But you know what I am rollin with!! MUZZYS!!!
Im not sure either.. But I do have one sitting here in the box, from my dads rhino, it never got put on before he sold it. He would probably get rid of it pretty cheap if anyone is interested. its for a 700fi.
hey man how much for the gibson exhaust your dad has? is it the whole system or just slip on? i have an 08 700fi :)
sully427 had a gibson. is was hella lound and sounded like a geo metro. not sure what he did with it. but he is not running it anymore. my .02 cents
I have been told the Gibson is not much better than a exhaust tip on the 700, just louder. Save your money and get muzzy and msd.
don't buy the gibson there exhaust is junk unless you want to be slower and louder than stock and have customer service that is less then nothing
sorry for the sale block but it the truth.
I wouldnt buy Gibson exhaust for nothing what do they know about building exhaust for a rhino. NOTHING.. I would stick with the people who know what there doing.
I can only speak for my one experience with a Gibson on a Rhino. It was fairly quite, but was terrible for power output. The Rhino i'm speaking of now has a Ron Woods exhaust and runs circles around the old setup. The Gibsons also seem to contribute to more frequently broken exhaust studs.
I had a gibson and I'm pretty sure thats what caused my broken exhaust studs.

Noise level was good but I felt I had more power with my stock exhaust with tip.

Not trying to bust up a sale just wanted to tell what I found.

Now I'm running duels. Loud as hell but tons or power.

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