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Go Baja/Go Desert Side by Side Adventure Tours

How to Explore the Baja Peninsula via UTV

Go Baja / Go Desert Adventure Tours are available in four or seven day packages, and can be completed using supplied UTVs, or using your personal UTV. Tours are available for ATV riders, too, but you must supply your own machine.

The four-day, Northern Baja tour costs $2,295 per person, which includes three nights hotel, transportation to and from San Diego, a prepped UTV and all your food and non-alcoholic drinks. The Go Baja / Go Desert Adventure Tours costs less ($1895) to bring your own machine, but this option will probably only interest you on the west coast. Might as well spend the extra $400 to show up, worry-free, and drive the supplied UTV. If bringing your own machine is important to you, be prepared to have it fully inspected. The Go Baja / Go Desert tour guide will also require you to bring spare drive belts and tires.


If you're interested in a longer quest across the Baja Peninsula, Go Baja / Go Desert Adventure Tours offers a seven-day journey to Cabo San Lucas for $4495 (UTV included/double occupancy) per person. You are responsible for any airfare or transportation to or from San Diego or Cabo.
Call today for full options and details 951-687-0808.


Go Baja / Go Desert Adventure Tours offers ATV, UTV and dirt bike tours tour stateside as well with stops such as Southern California, Laughlin and Las Vegas, Nevada. Group and corporate tours can be arranged for all locations.


We met our tour guide near the San Diego Airport on a Thursday morning, and followed him south of the border to the San Nicolas Hotel and Casino in downtown Ensenada. The tour begins straight from the hotel, on Friday morning, and travels on many of the same roads as the famous Baja 500 and 1000 desert races. In fact, if you want to see some Baja race action, there are tours scheduled around each of the SCORE-International off-road events.


Rather than using a Go Baja / Go Desert-supplied UTV’s, we prepped and towed down our own 2015 Polaris RZR S 900 UTV. The Polaris RZR S is an ultra-reliable, comfortable and quite enjoyable ride, which proved perfect for this Baja adventure. The tour guide, Bruce Anderson, has a Baja 250, 500 and 1000 Champion and has won the Score-International Championship 6 times. Let’s just say he is more than qualified and leads a worry-free experience.


The four-day tour features over 500 miles of mild to intermediate trails with over two hundred miles near or directly on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, a couple hundred miles were in the sloppy mountains during a torrential downpour, which was one of the more memorable UTV experiences we’ve ever had and another hundred miles featured amazing views of the Sea of Cortez. We visited points of interest, including the Old Mill, shipwrecks, Mikes Sky Ranch and the beautiful Laguna Diablo Dry Lakebed, and were treated to a delicious variety of meals in some of Baja’s most popular restaurants. The super cold margaritas and cervezas are deliciously paired with the many amazing meals, but those post-ride adult beverages are on your own dime. Fortunately, everything seemed quite a bit cheaper south of the border.


Go Baja/Go Desert Adventure Tours provided a very professional, memorable and fun off-road experience. Aside from a bit of desert flash flooding, which turned into the best day of driving, we had no major issues. If you’re interested in experiencing Baja for the first time or are a returning customer, the four-day tour was an excellent option.

Give Bruce a call at (951) 687-0808 or visit their website at



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