By the looks of the numbers on this petition, many of you have probably not heard that there is a battle taking place between our off-road community in Glamis and the Union Pacific Railroad. I will give you the cliff notes of essentially what is taking place.

If you have ever been to Glamis then you have probably heard the sounds of train horns blaring through the night as trains haul their payload through the Imperial Sand Dunes. The tracks on the eastern edge of the dunes paralleling the wash road allowed for access through a handful of openings below the tracks, the most used by duners was the Wash 10 crossing. The railroad crossings were put in Glamis back in the late 1800’s, so they have been there a long time. These allowed enthusiasts, workers and the general public to cross between the Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis) and the eastern trail system which allows the public to travel from the dunes to the Colorado River and beyond.

These crossings remained in place along the stretch of the Imperial Sand Dunes until 2009. That is when the Union Pacific Railroad began to close off the wash crossings prohibiting the public from ever crossing the tracks in a safe manner. Enthusiasts began to cry foul to the state. The state of California passed the buck to their agency which oversees the railroads stating that Union Pacific Railroad had the right to do as they pleased with these crossings. This is not legal and it certainly isn’t fair to the public who want to explore and enjoy their public lands. The time is now for enthusiasts and the public in general to unite to get the State of California and Union Pacific Railroad to acknowledge that these are the public’s crossings and it is our right to be able to access these public lands safely. What needs to happen is for the railroad to re-open these crossings and to work with the community and state to strengthen them and ensure the public has safe access.

By re-opening the crossings, the public will then be able to once again travel between Glamis and the famed Boardmanville Trading Post, venture to the Colorado River, and explore other historic landmarks all in a safe manner. We understand that the railroad has their reasons for closing the wash’s, we are sure some of the reasons come with merit. But at the end of the day, we have our rights, and we deserve to be heard and more than that, we deserve to have access to our public lands. By signing the petition below you are helping add your voice to this battle. We as a community need to have each others backs during these times. Our fellow community members are dedicating their time, money and resources to stand on the front lines and all they ask in return is your signature on this petition which only takes a minute to do. We all love to load our family, friends, and toys up and enjoy these lands, we need to make time to also do our part to fight for them and preserve them.

Help in standing up to the Union Pacific Railroad by CLICKING THIS LINK and filling out the petition. Again, it only takes a minute!!

Once you fill it out, share the link with your friends, family and followers on social media and by word of mouth. Strength is in numbers and everyone matters in this fight. Whether you ride Glamis or not, if you are an off-road enthusiast than you owe it to your community to help take a stand!

By supporting this cause you are not only supporting the off-road community as a whole, you are also supporting those families who lost loved ones due to tragic vehicle vs. train accidents like the one that happened to the Gonzales & Bestwick families back in 2007 when 3 children lost their lives while crossing the tracks. Lets do our part to help prevent such tragedy from ever happening again. You can read their story here.

For more information or to just say THANK YOU to those who are standing up for our community, email Lance Ricotta.

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Lance Fritz, Wes Lujan, David Picket, Lupe Valdez, you have created a potentially DEADLY situation and an ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE by removing all safe PUBLIC track crossings for 17 Miles and now try to confuse the FACTS and place blame on others when many SAFE and viable solutions have been proposed. Click on link to see news story
The petition has about 300 more signatures than yesterday when I checked it out, so there's that. Shouldn't be hard to get 5,000 signatures when there's so many people that go to Glamis, but we'll see.

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