Forest Service Urges Caution

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Be Safe on our National Forests: What to do if you Encounter a Marijuana Cultivation Site

VALLEJO, Calif., May 06, 2009—As the summer approaches, the marijuana cultivation season will begin and it is especially important to be aware of your surroundings on national forests.

Marijuana growers will be active on the national forests from now until usually the end of October.

:eek: more here . . . Forest Service Urges Caution
To funny, guess that could be dangerous though.
Around where I live it's serious business.

These people pack heavy artillery and aren’t afraid to use it, setup booby traps with improvised explosive devices and leave camp fires unattended which has caused several major forest fires in the last decade. Often times they are illegally in the country and are paid well to setup, tend and defend the crop.

The plantations they create can be anywhere in the National Forest, BLM and lumber company land or on an individual’s private property (usually near a convenient source of water). A friend of mine who owns several hundred acres, much which is very remote discovered a large plot on his land a few years back and no, it wasn’t his crop.

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