CanAm X3 Billet Rack Rack is Here!

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After much time and effort our billet race rack for the X3 is HERE!

We have been perfecting this race rack for a year and a half on 20 race teams and hard driven play cars. There is a VERY long list if things built into this rack that make it amazing (all shown in the video below) but the thing that is most important and beneficial is the improvement in power steering feel and lack of steering feed back when running this rack. The factory rack has a ton of flex and movement in the center link due to the round rack gear design. This center link movement binds the pinion, bows the rack gear and ruins gear bushings when hit hard (whoops and rocks). This bind loads the EPS (power steering) unit to it's max. The load is seen as an over AMP and the ECU tries to protect the EPS by turning it off and on in 40 millisecond intervals to save the unit. You feel this in the steering wheel as a hand jarring feed back that wants to rip the wheel out of your hands especially when turning in the rough. Larger tires and wider wheel offsets make this much worse and you can easily get forearm pump trying to drive fast even for short distances.

Our billet rack rack cures all of these things! With zero bind in the rack the EPS never goes into protection mode. This means your steering feed back and finger ripping evens are gone. Also, with zero bind, the EPS power is fully optimized and you will feel as though the power assist has VASTLY improved! The rack is a sealed unit and needs no maintenance. It clears all factory accessories and even many aftermarket ones like a Billet Halo Differential with larger U-joints. No longer will you have to drive your X3 with a two hand death grip. Now it's one hand on the wheel in the roughest terrain and the other hand free to do what every it is you want. Seriously! We back this rack up with our Lifetime Warrantee. For more information please watch the videos below. Thank you!


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