CageWRX to offer free welding on all roll cages, roofs and bumpers at Camp RZR!


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You guys spoke and CageWRX listened! Order your cage or bumper etc. online and they will weld it for you on site at Camp RZR!

From CageWRX:

It's official! Cagewrx will be offering free welding on roll cages, roofs, and bumpers for customers who pre order online and want to pick them up at Camp RZR. In-fact, to show how precise and easy our Race Cages are to put together, we will be doing this at Camp RZR in front of you! We are bringing the welder and its your chance to save $$$. Here's how to do it: order online at then choose store pickup for delivery and finally enter Promo Code CampRZR. We will weld your order up at the camp install it and you take it home. This is a limited offer because we can only weld so many in a day. 1 roll cage per customer. So its first order, first served. We look forward to a great Camp RZR and a safe one! #camprzr @cagewrx @utvunderground #wewelditforyou

This very cool offer. Anyone going to video one of these installs (maybe high speed replay video).. Or maybe time lapsed photos? I'd love to see it in person but TX is obviously too far.
Thanks Chad, you guys rock for putting this together. This is a sweet opportunity! Hell if I had an xp1k.......
I didn't find video from your website ... but searched youtube and found it.

Very cool ...

[ame=""]Cage WRX Time Lapse - YouTube[/ame]

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