Bryan Osborn takes home the WIN at Monster Jam

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Bryan Osborn takes home the WIN at Monster Jam
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02/25/14 El Cajon, CA – In roughly 48 hours Bryan Osborn and Josh Lahaye traveled over 1300 miles, picked up a new sponsor, won the Pro Lite race at Monster Jam and made it to Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in time to race and support The Dirt Series race on a few hours of sleep. They took turns driving all night both ways to pull it off.
It all started with Bryan Osborn getting a call from Casey Currie last week asking him to be in Oakland for Monster Jam Saturday morning to do a Pro Lite race. Bryan promised him he would be there before his truck was even unloaded from the prior weekend’s Lucas Regional race. With the help of a few dedicated guys they were able to make the repairs and prep and wash the truck. Those who have done this before know how long it takes but with his amazing crew’s help it was done and the truck loaded and ready to go in 2 days. “A huge thanks to Layton Kramer and Trenton Briley for coming down on a moment’s notice to help Bryan get the truck ready in time. This could not have been done without their help!†Kenny Osborn expressed.

Good friend and sponsor Josh Lahaye of Cryoheat volunteered to go with Bryan and help out. Friday night they were on their way to Oakland in the Black Rhino hauler loaded up with the Pro Lite and the Kawasaki Teryx. On the way they stopped overnight at Sean Cook’s place. “Woke up this morning to find my neighborhood has been overrun with race trailers! Today we are going to Monster Jam at the Oakland Coliseum. Our good friends from Black Rhino will be joining us.†Sean posted on Facebook.

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While making a quick pit stop off the 138 they ran into Bryan’s newest sponsor Chris from Ultra Chiller and decided to throw his new 416 System into the Pro Lite and Kawasaki Teryx. “The system looks amazing; the Ultra Chiller is the future for keeping your body cool inside a race car.†Josh Lahaye said.

They arrived at Monster Jam Saturday morning and got set up to represent their great sponsors; Black Rhino, Racer X Motorsports, Rigid Industries, K & N Filters, Cryoheat, Kal-Gard, Kinder Academy, Papaian Enterprises, UTVUnderground and Ultra Chiller. The pit party was huge with 10’s of 1000’s of fans. Even though he was running on only 2 hours of sleep, Bryan signed more autographs than ever.

Later that night the Pro Lite race began and Bryan gave it all he had. It was a hard battle but Bryan Osborn drove the #54 Pro Lite to the checkered flag taking home the win at the Oakland Oracle Coliseum at Monster Jam! “The moment of truth! Bryan Osborn can drive; he is a professional athlete and a moving billboard for advertisement!†Josh Lahaye said.

After a pit party with some great friends, the team loaded up and drove to Lake Elsinore to race the #854 Kawasaki UTV in The Dirt Series race on Sunday.

They were able to get everything set up right before practice started and make it out on the track for the last couple laps. Afterwards, the crew from GMZ Race Products worked on getting the tires switched out on the Teryx. Bryan then went out on the track and dominated the heat race. Between that and drinking a cold West Coast Chill, Bryan had all the motivation he needed for the race. He started in 4th and made his way to 1st before the second corner. Suddenly there was some contact from another driver and his race was over just as fast as it had begun.


“It happens but my day wasn’t over just yet; I got to be the pace truck in the #54 Pro Lite for the RZR 1000 class.†Bryan continued, “Thank you to Layton Kramer and Trenton Briley for coming down and living at the race shop with me last week to get the Pro Lite ready for Monster Jam. I had such a great weekend; I can't thank Josh Lahaye from Cryoheat enough for helping to make sure it happened. Thank you to all of my sponsors and everyone else who backs me on doing what I do; Black Rhino, Racer X Motorsports, Rigid Industries, K & N Filters, Cryoheat, Kal-Gard, Ultra Chiller, GMZ, Kinder Academy, Papaian Enterprises, UTVUnderground, mom, dad and Joe Sylvester."

“We are so happy and proud of Bryan, it feels like the years of hard work are finally paying off for him. Who would have thought that Trophy Kart and UTV racing would bring Bryan so far? A big thank you to all the sponsors over the years that have helped us so much.†Bryan’s dad, Kenny Osborn said.

At Black Rhino Inc. and Racer X Motorsports, we have a passion for all forms of motorsports that is unmatched by anyone in our industry. From communications to safety, tear down to prep, providing fuel stations to race support, we meet the racers needs. We offer tons of products for ALL Side X Sides and a full showroom and website for your shopping convenience. We have a full service and installation center, an on-site fabricator, and a sales staff that is ready to help make your dream Side X Side a reality. Visit us today at 9303 Bond Ave. El Cajon, Ca. 92021 or log onto our website at You can also visit them on Facebook at

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