AEM CD-5 5" Dash with Carbon Fiber Enclosure Now Available


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Hey everyone, I've been gone a while but thought I'd drop back in and mention that our new CD-5 dash is now available. It's has all the great things that the CD-7 has but in a smaller package and uses a new flow molded carbon fiber enclosure making it strong and lighter.


One slight difference with the CD-5 is that it's available with internal GPS - no external GPS module is required. Just connect up the GPS antenna and you're good to go. The CD-5 also comes in logging and non-logging versions. Another great thing about the CD-5 is that it has the same screen resolution as the CD-7 (800x480 pixels) which means that existing layout designs built for a CD-7 can be loaded onto a CD-5. With the same screen resolution in a smaller package, you actually get a higher pixel density which means that even though the layout images are physically smaller, they're super sharp and easy to read.

The CD-5 can be used on Polaris RZR's using our 30-2216 RZR Plug and Play Adapter Kit seen HERE. You can read more about the CD-5 HERE. The CD-5 may be a great option for those who may not have had the room to mount a CD-7 plus the price is a little less.

Little secret intel leak... there's been a YXZ1000R at our facility recently. Keep an eye open for new support vehicle applications here in the near future.

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