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California City, CA – March 28, 2018 – AVE/BP RACING announced the formation of a “Series within a Series” which will feature as its first event, the PURE “200” - #4 – Triple Crown #1 – May 19, 2018.

AVE/BP Promoter, Lou Peralta, announced today that the 2018 PURE UTV Triple Crown of the Dezert is a new series-within-a-series for the summer months. The reason is that a number of racers, having missed the first couple events in the PURE UTV Series due to the fact that there were conflicting dates with other major events such as Parker 425, Laughlin Challenge and other, still want to race with AVE/BP Racing.

“Racers were disappointed that they’ve had to miss one or two events of our series due to such conflicts. Then we came up with the best of both worlds,” Peralta said. He added; “By establishing a series within a series, we will give certain racers the opportunity to participate in portions of our series without necessarily being committed to the entire series. This is especially true for those racers who have participated with us before from States such as New Mexico, Utah, Dakota, Colorado, Oregon and as far away as Oklahoma.”

“The short three-event Triple Crown Series will give them the opportunity to race all three events and earn enough points to possibly walk away with the overall and class CHAMPIONSHIPS for the Triple Crown,” added Peralta.

To be sure, the 2018 PURE UTV Off-Road Series has a full complement of seven events of which AVE/BP uses each racer’s best six (6) finishes to compute the year-end point’s totals. That does not change. Currently, that series just completed its third event, this past weekend with the running of the PURE 200 - #3, March 24.

However, for those who want to participate in just the three events of the Triple Crown, they can and still qualify for the point championships, which will be awarded October 2018, at a special ceremony held in California City, CA.

Therefore, the PURE UTV TRIPLE CROWN SERIES consists of its first event, The PURE 200 - #4 & Triple #1, May 19, 2018. This event comprises of 200 miles using a brand new 33.3-mile course, of which six (6) laps will be required to be an “official finisher” of the race. According to Race Director, Alan Bell, “This next event is going to be a “toughie” and pretty much a technical course. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wound up being rated in the mid 4s -- maybe a 4.7 or 4.8? We will be looking at it in the next week or so.” (10 is like a freeway).

The 200-mile event starts Saturday, May 19 at 12:00 pm (Noon), with one vehicle leaving every 30-second, as in all other events

The next event of the Triple Crown of the Dezert Series is the June 23 event, the PURE “150” Race #5 & Triple #2. No word on the lap distance yet, but this time the race is a “TWILTE” start race, starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday evening. The racecourse is a 45+-mile course and it’s anticipated that three laps must be completed to become an official finisher.

The last event of the Triple Crown is the PURE “150” – Race #6 & Triple #3 – September 29. This race is a “NIGHT” race, with its start scheduled for 8 p.m. on Saturday night (29th). It consists of four (4) 38-mile laps. The race start is at 8 p.m.

There is a special discount for those who sign-up and pay for all three before the May event. Cost of entry is $300 for Sportsmen and $500 for Pros with $200 of the entry fee going into the Pro Purse.

All events start at Cal-City, AVE RANCH (138th & Proctor Blvd.) with plenty of room for Main pits and RV parking. Racers and crews stay there FREE as long as they are entered in the event. All others pay $20.00 per night.

Once again, this is a great opportunity for some who have not been able to compete in the 2018 PURE UTV Series, to join the series for a three-race stint. Others, who are currently involved in the main PURE UTV Series will earn Triple Crown points as well and who knows, some may walk away with not only the Year-End Points Championships but also this unique PURE UTV TRIPLE CROWN OF THE DEZERT Championship.

Again, there are special discounts for those who sign-up and pay in advance for all three events of the series. Check out the entry form. Racing is open to everyone; age 14 years-old to??? A FUTVI membership is required to participate by each individual -- $30 per year.

For more details, visit www.averacing.com or contact AVE/BP Racing at info@averacing.com.

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